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Username Post: Why Fold a Knife?        (Topic#98093)
Cougar Allen
Master Member KnifeNut!
02-27-00 17:20.00 - Post#98132    

    In response to Defender

I still have the puukko I mentioned in this thread. It's a Brusletto I bought in 1973. They don't make that model any more, and I wish they did; it's a nice one. Of course the ones they make now are good, too....

I lost a lot of folding knives, especially before they started putting clips on them (and didn't always find them again) but I've never lost a real knife even though I usually carry them in a pocket ... they don't slither out of your pocket and hide between couch cushions the way folders do.

-Cougar Allen :{)
This post is not merely the author's opinions; it is the trrrrrruth. This post is intended to cause dissension and unrest and upset people, and ultimately drive them mad. Please do not misinterpret my intentions in posting this.


James Nowka
Master Member KnifeNut!
02-27-00 17:36.00 - Post#98133    

    In response to Cougar Allen

Funny how these threads keep coming up, I am going to do some house cleaning and set up some archives, and we wont be able to post to these anymore.

James Nowka
"If you are not living on the Edge, You're taking up too much space!"

James Nowka

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Journeyman KnifeNut!
03-03-00 03:30.00 - Post#98135    

    In response to Combatives

Cougar, you've broached a subject which is close to my heart. I would prefer carrying fixed blades as opposed to folders. As a matter of fact I do carry a fixed blade in conjunction with my folders. But because of my penchant at this time, for serrated edges, until Mr. Spyderco begins producing fixed blade versions of the Civilian, Police, and Military, I'll stick with my folders.

Pretty much everything you point out as a weakness of folding knives is true to a point. When I first started training with and carrying "tactical" knives a couple of years ago, I immediately went to a pair of CS California Drop Points because the process of accessing and opening a folder under what I felt would be the stress of combat was far beyond my skill level. Even today, I still don't like the idea of having that extra step in deploying a tool. So I have experimented with making and buying various sheaths and now carry my folders open and concealed.

You write of the inherent weakness and unreliability of joint and locking mechanism. This is implicitly recognized by folding knife users in two ways. First, by the different adaptations to gripping and holding the folding knife. The edge up and razor grips are both responses to this type of issue. Second, by the knife industry itself in that there are now about three different locking mechanisms on the market, each one comparing itself to the strength of a fixed blade.

And now that I've agreed with you for awhile, I need to speak from the other side of my mouth. Because so far you've made several statements and assertions that while having truth behind them, really aren't compelling resons for your arguement. Assertions aren't proof. Nothing you've written so far "proves" that "tactical" folders are not adequate for the job. It kinda' reminds me of the two guys who were arguing about whether the .45 or the .40 was the best caliber for combat pistols.

You don't offer any proof, and I don't have any. While I train with my tools, I've never been in an encounter where I've had to use one. In the few encounters I've been in the mere sight of the blade was adequate to cause my assailants to disengage. I'd be darn curious to hear from those people who have actually had to use their tactical folders and what their experiences have been regarding their reliability.

How about it guys and gals, got any real life stories?

All you need is love...a sharp blade and a full clip

Cougar Allen
Master Member KnifeNut!
03-04-00 12:29.00 - Post#98136    

    In response to Tonie

Hoo boy don't get me started on serrated edges ... if for some reason you want that, though, you don't have to resort to a folder; there are fixed-blades available with serrations and it's not hard to add serrations to an existing knive; if you don't want to do it yourself there are plenty of knifemakers who can do it for you.

Us Wholly Brethren and Cistern of Voracious Truth (also known as the Radical Wing of the CTT) interpret the commandment Thou shalt not fold thy knife literally -- a knife that could fold is not necessarily accursed of the Knife Gods as long as you don't fold it. In an emergency if nothing better is available you can put a Spyderco or whatever in an improvised slip sheath and carry it in your pocket -- just don't fold the thing, whatever you do!

Wholly Brother Cougar :{)
Speaker to the Brethren and to the Cistern

Member KnifeNut!
04-04-01 10:40.00 - Post#98137    

    In response to Cougar Allen

In a self-defense context, folders with 4-5" blade lengths are much easier to carry discretly than fixed blades, and are better court defensible weapons.

I get strange enough looks when I zap out a mini-AFCK. Nevermind a Kasper or CS Voyager. These are the people who will sit on your grand jury, deciding whether to true bill you for stabbing a person, regardless of whether you acted in self=defense.

The defensive tools that you carry, whether firearms or knives, must be chosen with regards to function and legality. Function includes accessibility, reliability, effectivness in a variety of expected (and unexpected) circumstances. Legality includes whether the gun/knife is in blatant violation of your state's Penal Code -- Texas outlaws everyday carry of fixed blades over 5 1/2", bowies, double-edged, mechanical knives, etc.

Let's say you carry a beautiful Randall Model 1 8". You are accosted by two robbers intent upon doing you physical harm. You defend yourself and mortally wound or seriously injure/cripple them. Your case may still go to a grand jury to determine whether you murdered the robber; even if you are no billed, the criminal or his family is sure to file suit against you. Plaintiff's Exhibit No. 1 is your beautiful Randall Model 1 8". The attorney would ask the jury, "What kind of person walks around day-to-day with this kind of knife . . . . was he expecting trouble . . . . or did he just want to hurt someone with the slightest provocation?" This of course would follow testimony that they just asked you for directions to the nearest Church.

The best choice is highly functional armament that will remedy the issue with the least likelihood getting you indicted.

As far as functionality goes, today's folders with their advanced locking mechanisms perform suprisingly well. The BM axis lock or the REKAT rolling lock are probably good choices.

A large fixed blade is appropriate for some people and in some situations, but generally not in everyday tactical carry for most people. I always carry a folder, and sometimes a fixed blade, but if I were to anticipate trouble, I'd follow Hermes' advice in the movie Exposure, and "go get a gun."

: )

[This message has been edited by milcaztra (edited April 04, 2001).]

Master Member KnifeNut!
04-04-01 12:38.00 - Post#98138    

    In response to milcaztra

As a "troll", I dare say this scores a D- for replies (still on the second page after three years), and an A+ for longevity (still popping up after three years!).

Funny that it should be revived at a time when I am liquidating all but my favorite folders-though I do plan to get a large Sebenza, and have an Apogee on order-and going with fixed blades for the most part


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