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    Username Post: Titanium Knives        (Topic#96096)
    Member KnifeNut!
    08-22-99 18:54.00 - Post#96096    

    I understand from some other threads that titanium, as a knife material, is not so good as it does not hold an edge well. However there have been a number of knives made from titanium. How do these compare with similarly priced stainless steel blades?

    More specifically, I was looking at some of the titanium folders offered by Boker, such as the Orion and Infinity. The manufacturer claims that they behave like any good blade steel, in that they hold an edge well and are easy to sharpen. Is this true? Has anyone had any experience with either of these blades or any other titanium blades?


    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    08-23-99 05:41.00 - Post#96097    

        In response to Steelwolf


    Boker offer more knives with Titanium handle! All are a very good quality!

    )The Super Line,
    )the Stellar knife
    )the super Liner with damascus blade
    Ceramic Clear with titanium handle and ceramic blade
    )ceramic blue with titanium handle and ceramic blade
    )Delta with titanium handle and ceramic blade
    )Titan I with titanium handle and 420 steel blade
    )Titan II with titanium handle and 420 steel blade
    ) Titan III with titanium handle and 440C steel blade

    all knives are avaible

    Best regards,


    Member KnifeNut!
    08-23-99 14:56.00 - Post#96098    

        In response to Angela

    Angela: Thanks for your prompt reply, but please re-read my post. I'm looking for knives with titanium as a blade material, not handle, liner or bolster material. I know Boker and many others make many excellent blades using titanium, but not in the blade.

    Another blade that just came to my attention is the Titanium Tiger Neck Knife by Newt Livesay, and I'm checking that out. Anybody had experience with that one?

    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    08-23-99 15:15.00 - Post#96099    

        In response to Steelwolf

    Benchmade used to offer the Emerson in Titanium blade. Look around, you just might find one if you're lucky.

    Mike Schroeder AKTI#A000130
    "They can take away my car, my computer and my house, but they can never have my Sebenzas!!!!"

    Mike Schroeder AKTI#A000130
    "They can take away my car, my computer and my house, but they can never have my last Sebenza!!!!"

    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    08-23-99 22:30.00 - Post#96100    

        In response to MikeSchroeder

    Warren Thomas folders. They are carbon fiber laminated titanium. I have no experience with them. I guess that "ordinary" people have no use for them - IMO.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    08-24-99 15:08.00 - Post#96101    

        In response to David1967

    Titanium is pretty useless as a blade material unless you just have to have a non magnetic material. Its too soft and thereby won't hold an edge, that's why Benchmade quit using it.
    USAF 1975 - 2000

    General lobster
    Member KnifeNut!
    08-24-99 16:50.00 - Post#96102    

        In response to Chief

    Chief is right. Notice that titanium liners on folders will wear faster than the blade that they rub against. Even hardened ti will not hold a good edge.
    08-24-99 17:42.00 - Post#96103    

        In response to General lobster

    Benchmade did make the 970ST, a Ti bladed CQC7. As a cutting tool it wasn't very good. Hard to give an edge and it lost that very easily, Ti has very poor wear resistance. Even with the tantalum carbide that was added to blade it didn't work well. It was really meant as a non-magnetic prying tool for use by a bomb squad with emergency cutting ability. If you still want a Ti bladed knife try they have fixed and folding knives. They claim their Ti blades are good but I have never seen one.
    Member KnifeNut!
    08-26-99 20:09.00 - Post#96104    

        In response to admpiett

    Just got an article on the Boker Orion. They claim to be able to harden their blades to 50HRC. Also went to the Mission Knife website. Found that most Mission Knives have a hardness of 44-46 HRC from the beta-Titanium alloy that they are using. Most knife makers I know of harden their blades to 57-60 HRC. Is 50HRC sufficient to hold a working edge?

    And what about the other makers? Do any of them claim certain hardness on their Ti blades?

    tom mayo
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    08-27-99 06:40.00 - Post#96105    

        In response to Steelwolf

    stellite 6k and 6bh (talonite) are both non magnetic....not nearly as lite as ti...but they will cut....and not bend....ti needs to have something else with the middle to make it a real knife.....i will be glad to make you a knife out of ti...let me know as i have this a covert type thing....i like to make weapons....there are a few types of ti that can be heat treated.. but we might be able to afford aluminum...there are quite a few differnt alloys of ti out there....


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