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Username Post: 11 tips to be a better cook        (Topic#943572)
04-10-17 19:42.30 - Post#2629135    

01. Use a properly sized skillet

Overfilling a frying pan causes the food to be cooked rather than sautéed, going from being crispy and tender to being soft and tasteless.

02. Try adding sugar to vegetables

The onion is a classic case to add sugar but tries also with carrots, tomatoes or any other vegetable that has a sweet touch.

03. Get a kitchen thermometer

That way you'll know when the meat has reached the right temperature or the broth is ready to serve. They are worth four hard ( there are for 10 or 20 euros ) and you will feel like a pro.

04. Do not miss the measuring spoons

Because that way we sure fail to put a spoonful of nothing. Preferably they are metallic, which are less prone to remain flavors and are more durable.

05. An indispensable kitchen weight

Especially for desserts, but a weight is also very practical for all kinds of preparations, such as pasta or rice. Measuring by weight is much more accurate than in volume.

06. You never have enough spices

Although you have to keep an eye out because over time they lose flavor, a good range of spices at home will help to give a special touch to any dish, even a few lentils.

07.Nor enough sauces

Especially if we want to explore other cuisines: soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, sesame oil, chili sauce, barbecue sauce, oyster sauce ...

08. There are more vinegar than Modena

Every salad has a different vinegar, and in addition to the white and the mango vinegar of Modena there are much more: orange, strawberry, raspberry, red wine, Jeréz ... do not stop trying all you find.

09. Experiment with monovarietal oils

An oil varies a lot depending on the type of olive with which it is made (hojiblanca, picual, arbequina, cornicabra ...) and we must know which to use in each case because it is not the same frying as dressing a salad or putting it in a toast.

10. Do not stop trying new things

Because even though the traditions are very good and I think it is important to respect them, try new recipes or invent some is the most fun things in the kitchen, so do not stop.

11. And do not be afraid to be wrong

I do not post things that go wrong, but I would give to keep another blog only from culinary disasters. Because everything does not always come to the first, especially when you do tests, so do not be afraid to err, which is inevitable in the kitchen. And if someone at the table complains, you give the apron and prepare to laugh.

To the stove!

Bonus valenciano: the paellas are made in paellas of steel (oxidable)

Paella Valenciana 1

No nonstick paella or those strange black ones with white dots. A good paella has to be made in a steel paella to get the beloved "socarraet", which is the rice that burns and sticks to the base. Doing it in another type of vessel is one of the many aberrations committed against the paella.

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