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Username Post: So, I finally bought a belt sander        (Topic#943294)
Mikael W
Super Moderator
12-24-16 22:21.23 - Post#2628059    

    In response to pcm81

  • pcm81 Said:
  • Mikael W Said:
twinblade's video is also a sticky in this forum...

Watched the video...
1. He is using a trailing edge technique; I like him already...
2. Using term "Polishing" when referring to 800 grit belt made me wonder: "Where am I?". On Stones 1K-3K I call sharpening and polishing is 7K up to 0.03 micron...

Makes me want to break out my microscope and take some pictures from belt action to compare to stone scratch patterns i developed on water stones couple years ago.

1. Yep, You are right! Looking at his video again makes me realize that our techniques are differrent.
What's preferred, I'll leave to the users to choose.

2.I don't polish on machines anymore and You are getting a far more polished edge, than I will ever do to my edges!

If You break out Your microscope, it would be interesting to see the results!
I don't eve own a microscope.
If the knife doesn't cut as it should, I rework the edge until it does.

The 1 x 30" is very useful in a home workshop, but a Proffessional Sharpener or a SharpeningNut, will prefer a more advanced machine.

I like it because it's so handy and I can take it with me, when I change the workbench from home to the summerhouse.



Journeyman KnifeNut!
01-29-17 01:56.03 - Post#2628421    

    In response to Mikael W

i am not sure if it is 50/50 . probably not, but i guess blade down is what most do.

after you use any belt sander for time, you will be able to do whatever you want to most any blade.
here you see 4 - 2 are variable speed.


Master Member KnifeNut!
03-10-17 04:47.13 - Post#2628736    

    In response to maxtheknifeofva

^ +1 Max. I think most guys use belt machines edge trailing. Until you really know what you're doing, it's safer IMHO.

If you use leather belts for finishing an edge, it's important to be in edge trailing mode. You will absolutely cut your leather belt if you accidently touch the belt edge leading. It happened to me once, and I'm lucky to have only ruined an expensive belt.

There are times when I grind edge leading, but not often. It's not dangerous with regular belts, but I don't make a habit of it.

I can see angles much more accurately edge trailing, because it's easier for me to observe the distance between the belt and the spine of the knife.

Trust me, for I like big butts and I cannot lie.


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