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Username Post: New to site and small knife questio        (Topic#943291)
12-22-16 02:47.09 - Post#2628008    

Hello all , I'm not new to knives but I'm sure my terminology will be poor at first.
I have an old Masonic pen knife that was meant to be worn around the neck. It has a swiveling ring at one end that is poorly pinned and has had one of the blades replaced with a different blade.
It looks like the pin could be removed and the sides of the knife slide towards the other end to remove.
I would like to remove the blades and replace them with blades from an old Old Timer of the same size.
What type and where can I find the pin ?
Trying to load a photo but having trouble.

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Master Member KnifeNut!
12-22-16 04:10.38 - Post#2628009    

    In response to KDHAYES

  • KDHAYES Said:

Trying to load a photo but having trouble.

Welcome to KnifeForums.
Good photos will be very helpful in trying to answer your questions.

Picture hosting here on the forum is free, and easy once you get the hang of it.

Use the "Reply" button to open a new window in this thread, then click "Manage files". When the "File Manager" window opens, use "Choose File" to locate the picture of your knife on the hard drive of your computer, highlight the file name, click "Open" and click "Add". When the file has loaded in "Attached Files", hit the bottom button beside it, then hit "Finished". Scroll down to the bottom of the text window and hit "Add Post". Sounds sort of complicated, but it's really not.

12-22-16 06:00.11 - Post#2628011    

    In response to Berkley

Thanks for the help.
It says my file size is too large.
I'll keep at it.
12-22-16 06:17.24 - Post#2628012    

    In response to KDHAYES

Checking to see if it loaded.
This a photo of a knife that is identical to mine. I need a photo manager for my phone.


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Master Member KnifeNut!
12-24-16 11:28.09 - Post#2628055    

    In response to KDHAYES

Good luck with the restoration. Unless you are conversant with repairing folders I suggest you have it done professionally - but the cost of the work will exceed the value of the restored knife by several orders of magnitude - and the knife will no longer be original

If you are merely wanting a Masonic-symbolled knife then these are still available new as well as 2nd hand in good condition
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