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Username Post: Kershaw Ken Onion 1550 Praise        (Topic#943285)
12-20-16 08:26.46 - Post#2627994    

Hello all,
Just wanted to write up a little something to thank Kershaw for the quality knife they produce and the excellent warranty they offer. I did post something similar on another site but wanted to spread the word here as well.

Up until a few years ago we ran an Angus farm and over a timeframe of 25 years you are going to have almost everything go wrong. One day I noticed a heifer with some bailing twine wrapped around her leg just above the hoof. It had been on for a while and was cutting into the skin. I managed to get the heifer into the head gate and was able to pull the leg out from between the boards of the shute only to find that I couldn't get my knife open with one hand and control the leg at the same time. I finally had to let go of the leg, open the knife, and start over (sounds easier than it was)... Anyway after that I started looking for a knife that I could open with one hand..........Switchblades were out because of some nonsense law. You can carry a fixed blade knife in a sheath anywhere but Heaven help you if you want something that opens fast from your pocket (make any sense?). Anyway I found my 1550 W/assisted opening many years ago and used it so much I actually wore out the spring assist. I emailed Kershaw and they sent me one!

Many years later I lost the rear hollow bolt and nut that holds the handle together. It still worked well so I put off sending it in and sure enough the spring assist went out. I sent it to Kershaw and went out and bought another one.....yep couldn't do without it. Kershaw replaced everything except the pocket clip and had it back to me in two weeks. I have used this knife for everything from a crowbar to a paint scrapper and it has never failed me. Most of my neighbors now own at least one and love them. I now have 4 1550's and might just buy another. My Grandchildren will get them and God willing Kershaw will stay in business forever. Take care, buy a Kershaw and God bless...



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