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Username Post: HELP IDENTIFY AN ANTIQUE KNIFE        (Topic#943272)
12-17-16 02:32.39 - Post#2627931    

I will tell you what i do know about this .
It was made by Mappin & Webb ,i have contacted them but they have no record of seems to be a presentation item.It is the last photo that is a real mystery ,the photo shows a lever on full cock ,it has a very strong spring on it ,when you flick to release it has a lot of force and pushed a rod into the opening on the end of the knife. Someone has suggested it might be a representation of a sale makers knife ?the force used to push a needle through a tough sail ?.I really do not have a clue,i paid a lot of money for it as i have never seen the like before or since and i have owned it two years and shown it to various military and antique dealers .I would love to know two things 1..what it is ...2 its value



Mikael W
Super Moderator
12-17-16 10:35.02 - Post#2627933    

    In response to ukblades

Welcome aboard!

Interesting old artifact!
I'm sure You will get an answer if You give it some time.


Master Member KnifeNut!
12-17-16 11:05.02 - Post#2627934    

    In response to ukblades

Welcome to KnifeForums.
That is a lovely Mappin & Webb sportsman’s knife. I have never seen anything like the apparatus you show. If I understand correctly, some (presumably round) object having a diameter no larger than the opening in the scale is inserted into the opening, The object is then struck forcefully on its end from the side.
The only thing which occurs to me, after much thought, is that it is intended to break a small capsule of smelling salts.

They were a popular remedy in Victorian times, both for ladies afflicted with “the vapours” and athletes suffering from exhaustion or mild concussions.
I’ll be interested to hear other ideas. Thanks for sharing a most interesting and unusual knife.


12-19-16 05:38.10 - Post#2627967    

    In response to Berkley

thank you for that ,it sure is an interesting idea.
Hopefully someone will one day give me a definite use ,but in the meantime i will enjoy it trying to find out.
12-26-16 07:37.09 - Post#2628076    

    In response to ukblades

Its a nice knife and not one Ive seen before. Is the blade made of carbon steel or stainless. I cant understand the blot action you describe could you post a photo showing the spike out? I think I would also post on the British Blades forum there are some really well informed guys on there particularly for Sheffield blades.

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