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Username Post: knife cutting        (Topic#943211)
11-15-16 14:26.11 - Post#2627645    

new to knife cutting. i am a little confused on a cutting style called a pull cut aka draw you can use either the heel to tip or just the tip. I understand the heel to tip is for cutting meat in one long stroke.But i have seen this used also for fruit and vegetable cutting too,and also seen using just the tip used for pull aka draw cut to for vegetables and fruit .Could someone explain to me when it comes to fruit or vegetables how you determine what action to use.....heel to tip or just tip and pull back.What justifies one action over the other. thanks

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Master Member KnifeNut!
11-15-16 16:50.08 - Post#2627646    

    In response to storm2

What cutting style you use is largely dependent on your training.

It also depends on the type/style of knife you are using.

Most Western knives are designed to "rock chop" - i.e. there is a lot of curve from tip to heel so the technique is to keep the tip on the board and bring the heel down. This is a useful technique for dicing, and while it also works for thin-slicing root veges and semi-frozen protein, it doesn't really work that well if you want to thin slice delicate fish.

Many of the Japanese style knives have a flatter blade road and are designed for "draw-slicing" - with the tip barely "kissing" the board while the cut is made from heel to tip while drawing the knife towards the body.

Then you have the rectangular Chinese chef's knife which chop-cuts with the blade flat to the board, but also draw-slicing as necessary.

At the end of the day - whatever blade and technique works for you is fine - and if you want to try different styles by all means do so - just remember that some of the skills you will see demonstrated by top chefs and food process workers probably took years to acquire

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11-16-16 04:19.43 - Post#2627649    

    In response to antonio_luiz

i have a wustoph knife i do western style chopping. have watch and read where people use this knife to do the draw cut heel to tip and just tip( on meat and vegetables and fruit). what i cant find out is why or when does which action apply to fruits or vegetables. meat yes you use 1 long stroke heel to tip but for veg. or fruit also use this action and also the action with just the tip. so how does one know which action to apply when. Thanks for your advice. Yes i agree about your training and what u like or works for you.,but there has to be a reason on which action use on fruit and vegetables.

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Master Member KnifeNut!
11-22-16 12:05.15 - Post#2627697    

    In response to storm2

Wusthofs tend to be rather thick (compared to a Japanese gyuto) and with a lot of rocker so while you can "draw-cut" tip down for protein and soft fruit you will almost certainly have to "rock chop" for root vegetables and general dicing of herbs and onions. Most of the TV chefs in English speaking parts of the world were raised on Western style knives and their techniques (or lack thereof) reflect this. I cringe everytime I see a cook/chef use a Prop-manager provided Western version of a Japanese santoku incorrectly

There are heaps of Utube and other videos on how to use the different styles of chef knives - at the end of the day what works for you only you can determine

I can't find the excellent videos that Salty produced several years ago so here's a link you may find useful

PS - don't forget to use a quality chopping board and to develop your knife sharpening skills alongside of your knife techniques
I'm paranoid only cause everyone's out to get me!

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