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Username Post: Ken Onion WorkSharp - a testimonial        (Topic#943055)
Master Member KnifeNut!
09-19-16 05:08.12 - Post#2627044    

If nature abhors a vacuum, then surely a forum with no posts deserves some content. Especially when the forum is devoted to a really worthwhile product.
Here’s a pic of my almost new Ken Onion WorkSharp, which I bought for 2/3 of retail right here on KnifeForums.

It was highly recommended by my friend and sharpening guru AJF, who is well known and respected on the Bark River forum. At that price, and with that recommendation, I pulled the trigger (pun intended) on this beauty. I can say without reservation that it’s one of the best investments I ever made.
While my freehand sharpening skills are non-existent, and my work with the Lansky system was sub-par, the WorkSharp has finally brought success to the cutting board.

Check out the videos HERE Then try it yourself.
If you are already a waterstone guru, carry on.
If you are a sharpening-challenged individual like I am, be prepared for a much sharper future.


Master Member KnifeNut!
09-21-16 08:24.00 - Post#2627070    

    In response to Berkley

I'll second that.

My father taught me the basics using an Arkansas stone. While I still use it, it's usually as a sort of meditation.

I was in the shop of a local maker and noticed that he used one, but when I was visiting the leather guy who makes my holsters and saw that he used one, I was sold. (Knife makers can usually put a good edge on, but a leather craftsman REQUIRES a razor edge.)

Funny thing is that these are less expensive than some of the manual systems.
Master Member KnifeNut!
10-22-16 05:02.59 - Post#2627372    

    In response to perado


Great post and I'm glad you're enjoying your WSKO. As you know, I've long been a big fan. Here's a review I put up when it was first released:

Besides being an excellent sharpener, especially for setting the initial bevel, the bonus is that it can also perform small mods---smoothing sharp tangs or spines, changing a blade or handle shape, etc.

And it's not just for larger knives---if you go slowly and with some care, it is great with small blades as well. Below is a Vic alox Cadet I picked up recently (great knife---I've had and used one for years and got this as a backup). The WSKO made short work of grinding off and smoothing down the annoying key ring which digs into the palm when using the blade. And then it did a great job sharpening up that blade.



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