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    Username Post: If I had only KNOWN!        (Topic#943030)
    09-09-16 06:29.17 - Post#2626956    

    I was a teenager in the 1960s. Things were so different then. I bought a number of WW-II knives and bayonets for a few dollars each through the mail. Thinking about it; 1965 was closer to D-Day (1944) than 2016 is to Desert Storm (1991).

    Neat to have, but all have been gone for decaes now. One was the LOOOng Garand bayonet, bought for under $5. Now they go for hundreds.

    A buddy with much less parental supervision got ahold of a DEWAT Thompson and fixed it. but couldn't afford to feed it. One day his dad did find one spent shell casing . . .and it was all over (ONE!)

    Like that ld movie, Back to The Future (1985), if I had only known then, I'd have spent every dime a kid could get on vintage stuff . . .The surplus stores had bins and boxes of knives and guns.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    09-09-16 09:26.30 - Post#2626957    

        In response to VorpelSword

    In the late 50s, I bought one of those Australian "ranger" knuckle knives. I cut the bow off it to make it more portable. Later, I lost it
    Was a hopeless knife.
    Worth a lot of dollars, now.
    If you want to win an argument, it is best to stick to the truth.....or,at least, provable untruths.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    10-19-16 13:51.12 - Post#2627321    

        In response to brianWE

    The Thompson thing just jogged my memory.
    In the early 50s, I was about 11...someone gave me a
    non-functioning Owen Australian SMG from WW2. Found on a tip.
    Mates and I played soldier all over the neighbourhood. I think I had a US helmet liner.
    Other guys had other left-overs.
    Even had the police visit, once, regarding my bike which had been stolen.
    Cop looked, briefly, at the gun on my lawn.
    No problem.

    I guess, today, it might draw some unwelcome gunfire.
    If you want to win an argument, it is best to stick to the truth.....or,at least, provable untruths.


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