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Username Post: New Helle Sigmund        (Topic#943021)
Master Member KnifeNut!
09-03-16 05:55.11 - Post#2626914    

After having spend two vacations in Sweden and this year in Iceland I felt I needed to have a scandi knife. My choice fell on the Helle Sigmund. Beautiful knife and sheath.

Basically I am a convex full tang guy so getting this knife took a leap of faith. I could have opted for the Helle Temagami but this knife looks better and is more of a traditional design.

So far I like it. I used it in the backyard cutting up some wood and took it in the woods this afternoon. Cutting up stuff and even baton with it. Sorry, I can't help myself. I am a Bark River guy.

I know using this knife needs some rethinking. More axe thinking in fact. It cannot do what my Aurora LT and B1 LT can.

But in it's own right it is a very capable knife. It came razor sharp and it feathers like no other knife I've ever had.

The outer steel is very soft though. Already it is full of scratches. But then again I didn't really like the high polish look and I think it looks better now

Ive had some scandi knives in the past but sold them pretty soon after buying them. But this one I will keep.

Here it is together with my BR Aurora LT.




Steve J
Journeyman KnifeNut!
09-10-16 06:54.45 - Post#2626968    

    In response to Blade21

My kinda knife.

I presume it must be differentially heat treated if the back is so soft...maybe

Master Member KnifeNut!
09-15-16 05:58.19 - Post#2627003    

    In response to Steve J

It is not so much the back that is so soft. Helle uses a laminated steel. The outer cores are softer but provide better toughness. Just like with a Fällkniven.

The spine is somewhat rounded therefore it doesn't work with a firesteel. I could grind a part of it square (just like Karesuando does) but that looks like crap.

I'll keep it this way.


Master Member KnifeNut!
09-17-16 21:34.16 - Post#2627028    

    In response to Blade21

I am a little bit disappointed in this knife.

Yesterday I used it to remove the bark of a piece of wood. It was 2 ft long and about 6 in thick.
I managed to do this very fast and initially I was very impressed with the knives performance. This thing cuts like nothing else.

But then I noticed that the blade had bend near the handle where the rattail starts.

Annoyed I started pushing the blade the other way and I was surprised to see how easy that was.

Pushed again and it was bend. Push back and it was straight again.

This is very worrisome. This doesn't invoke trust in a knife.

I think this knives will move from my backpack to my drawer to be used for light tasks only.

Thank god I have another Bark River Aurora #V LT in curly Birch coming. That knife won't shy away from anything.



Master Member KnifeNut!
09-29-16 12:00.14 - Post#2627134    

    In response to Blade21

That's a pretty curly birch knife. I only own one curly birch and its my Fallkniven Juni. I really like the way birch looks.
Mike # 357

Rich S
Master Member KnifeNut!
09-30-16 06:24.38 - Post#2627138    

    In response to kyhunt

Good bye my Scandi friends. I've had it with this message board. It's always screwed up when it works at all. Just not worth the time and frustration.

You can also find me on the British Blades Scandi forum (at least that message board and forum work).

So long, enjoyed it when it worked before Blade Mag took it over.

Master Member KnifeNut!
10-01-16 05:12.15 - Post#2627143    

    In response to Rich S

After having tossed the Sigmund aside I took another look at it yesterday.

it may no be as bad as I thought. It has a stacked handle which I am not used to. It's not as rigid as a regular handle.

If fact t has some flex to it. It think I mistakenly took that or bending.

I'll give it another try.

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