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Username Post: First attempt at making a knife        (Topic#942504)
04-10-16 09:04.31 - Post#2624909    

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on as I just made this account. I attached a photo of my progress on my first knife some O1 tool steel stock and I have an assortment of decent files. I feel like I am going at this the wrong way though, starting with my choil I used a flat file and a round file....had trouble with consistency and finished it off with a half round file 1" wide to what it is now. I used a flat file to try and round off the handle edged as well. Feel like I went at that the wrong way. Can someone with filling experience give me some input! Anything helps, thanks!



04-10-16 14:51.28 - Post#2624916    

    In response to Adamlovesknives

I guess to be more specific, I only rounded off part of the handle using a flat file, and it didn't work so well...What file would someone recommend for round the handle off? I was thinking maybe a half round file or something... I was going to continue to work toward the front of the blade by using my hacksaw to cut off as much metal as possible then file it down...again I was planning on using a flat file possible with draw stroke, but wasn't sure if this was the best method, as the half round file seems to do what I need a little more. Thanks!
Master Member KnifeNut!
04-22-16 15:14.53 - Post#2625201    

    In response to Adamlovesknives

Success is dependent upon effort…


The very best file to use is the one you feel most comfortable with. With that being said, two good choices to start with are the Nickolson 12" Mill Bastard and the Nickolson 12" Mill Bastard Half Round; both can be had for about $12-$15 at any Ace or True Value. And when these are worn out, you can make a file knife out of them…

I am a file oriented knifemaker and I use a lot of files and those noted above are good ones… As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Below is a composite photo of one of my knives under construction. After drawing the design on the steel bar (A), I use grinders, hacksaws, and files to shape the blade (B).

Now I use my belt sander to remove the Mill Scale (I call it the "Bark"…).

Finally, using only files, the blade takes the shape as seen in "C". Except for the Distal Taper on the Tang (used my belt sander…), all that shaping and file art was done with files…

So, get some good files, a hacksaw, and a grinder, and remember, the product you get out of this is proportional to the effort you put in…

The reward of doing a thing well is having done it…




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