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Username Post: Cold SteelmCity Stick        (Topic#941954)
01-04-15 07:37.58 - Post#2622450    

Bought my City Stick years ago. Replaced the polished handle with their Pistol Grip. Mush better and easier to hold on while walking. Carried it all over France and Italy in 08. Very sturdy cane even for a big guy like myself. I'd hate to get wacked with the Pistol Grip.

Master Member KnifeNut!
01-04-15 09:55.38 - Post#2622458    

    In response to Blademan21

I guess you have had to replace a tip or two...what did you get?
I can't get anything from CS or their dealer, here.

Opinions? I have many. Some I don't, even, know about until I read my posts.

Master Member KnifeNut!
04-08-16 11:20.42 - Post#2624867    

    In response to brianWE

I gave my Citystick away....bought a Slimstick.
Had to fit a standard pharmacy
rubber tip when the original, plastic one wore out.
In weeks.
The dealer couldn't replace it...and Cold Steel declined to.

The Slim works fine for me.
Very light.

Found the City was a bit heavy AND the finish was VERY prone to chipping.
I dropped it a lot!

hardly ever drop the new one...and it doesn't chip much, at all.

Gotta say, though, I would prefer the City Stick for defence....the Slim would tend to piss an attacker off.

But my Walter Mitty streak died years ago

Opinions? I have many. Some I don't, even, know about until I read my posts.

BJ aka Mod 12
Master Member KnifeNut!
07-27-16 14:05.38 - Post#2626490    

    In response to brianWE

From December 2015 to May 2016 I had to walk with a cane then aluminum walking stick. Adter my knee replacement I am fine. I'll look at the City Stick for when my hips go, and the are.
Master Member KnifeNut!
08-03-16 14:19.40 - Post#2626557    

    In response to BJ aka Mod 12

City Stick would be a decent weapon..IMO, SlimStick is a better cane for everyday use.
It so light. I can tuck it under an arm when I need both hands and, almost, forget it is there.
Maybe my fault, but I dropped the City Stick numerous times. The finish becomes quite ratty. Chips too easily.

Keep in mind, the plastic tips on both sticks have a life measured in weeks..and not a lot of them.
I think I mentioned that Cold Steel declined to supply replacements.
You will need to find a supplier of rubber tips.'
They tend to detract from the sticks' elegance, but are safer to use.
Opinions? I have many. Some I don't, even, know about until I read my posts.


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