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Username Post: rehab of native blade from Vietnam        (Topic#941316)
11-13-14 19:30.40 - Post#2618515    

I posted this in the "newbies" area, but maybe this forum would have been better:
OkieKnife Said:

Hi guys- my first post here, or any other knife forum. The passing of Veteran's day kinda got me on a quest to try to fix up what was my prized possession as a little boy: a native-made knife my Dad brought back for me from Vietnam. I played with that knife hard over the years and basically tore it up, loosing the wood sheath/scabbard, and even the handle. At some point I did some prying with it and bent the first few inches of it, and then tried to straighten it back out. I *think* this knife may have been made/used by the Montagnard tribal people, but my Dad also spent time in Bangkok and Phnom Pehn, so it really could be from anywhere in SE Asia. I want to add a handle to it, and get the blade straightened, and put it in a display case to give to my 14 yr old son so he will always remember my Dad's service. I would prefer to pay somebody to do this who knows what they are doing, but my budget is around $100, so if that wont get the work done I will have to figure out how to do it myself. Any advice on how to procede would be appreciated. In the pics I attaching you can see characters on the blade...if anyone knows their meaning, or if the style of blade helps to identify it, Please let me know! Thanks-


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Master Member KnifeNut!
11-14-14 01:58.00 - Post#2618523    

    In response to OkieKnife

Welcome to KnifeForums. I think your question will probably get the most attention in the General forum, so I’ll move it there and also remove the duplicate from the Newbies forum.
Your dad’s bringback from Vietnam is a SoutheastAsian dha. It could be a Montagnard dha, or from some other nearby area such as Burma, Cambodia or Thailand. Unfortunately, the missing handle and scabbard are the parts that would have been most useful in pinning down a location of origin.
As you can see from looking at a large number of dhas (LINK), the styles of mountings vary considerably. I am guessing that yours was originally fairly plain and simple in materials and workmanship.
The chance of finding someone in the US who has experience in making handles and scabbards is pretty slim. For display, you could simply cut a piece of bamboo to the length of the handle as best you remember it and attach it to the tang with wood filler. That should hold it well enough for display in a frame. As for the scabbard, making one is going to require some woodworking skills. The page I linked to has a number of examples.
I’ve seen similar markings on SEA blades before, but can’t locate any pics at the moment. Probably a combination of decorative and maker’s marks, significance unknown outside the local area.

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