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Username Post: Pikku Tuohipää (now working)        (Topic#940425)
Journeyman KnifeNut!
09-04-14 22:45.38 - Post#2613178    

Hello Everybody!
Sorry for the empty post, I should not have posted when the site was "broken"...

Here is my latest creation, a teeny-tiny Esko Piirainen blade (55mm) on birch bark and brass. It's my first knife of this type (called a tuohipää in Finland, lit. a "bark head').
It was built the old school way, without adhesives, with the peening of the tang squeezing the whole thing together.
The sheath is also home-made, with half-tanned leather and a simple pine insert.
I know there are a million details that need improvement, but it's strangely satisfying to have mostly used locally sourced materials (beside the leather and brass).
And best of all, my fiancée loves it :)))



Rich S
Master Member KnifeNut!
09-05-14 02:23.14 - Post#2613191    

    In response to pierauspitz

That looks nice. If you recall, you just identified
a puukko that I got a while back as made by Esko Piirainen.
Does he forge his own blades? How do they compare to other
current makers such as Kay Vikstrom?
Journeyman KnifeNut!
09-05-14 04:52.06 - Post#2613204    

    In response to Rich S

To be honest, I bought this blade from a tiny shop in my village. Had a chat with the shop-owner about who made this blade and from where etc etc... The conversation was long and interesting yet a bit laborious, (my finnish isn't fluent).
All the info I gathered was this smith has a forge about 100km from where I live, and from the selection available in the shop, he forges rough and ready blades. From the infos I got from the web it seems to me more like he could be your old-school blacksmith, making knives as well as other things, and I must say that I had to work a bit on blade geometry (the belly of the blade was very squarish) and the steel is quite soft (which is a good thing for what they are meant to do). So yeah, I don't think you can really compare his utilitarian blades to anything "fancy" like what you can get from K. Vikström, who is, after all, a specialised knife smith.

Right now, I'm off on a work rotation for 3 weeks, but I think I will pay a visit to the forge when I will be back, and keep you posted when I get more infos
Master Member KnifeNut!
11-19-14 15:47.59 - Post#2618924    

    In response to pierauspitz

I love it too, especially the size. birch bark handles are a favorite material for me.

thanks for posting


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