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Username Post: Jeeps are the worst        (Topic#938151)
Master Member KnifeNut!
04-04-14 04:09.48 - Post#2596723    

because like bark river knives once the jeep bug bites you can not stop.... upgrading it. I purchase my first Wrangler just six months ago. A beautiful 2013 black sport s. Added all option avaible to it. I love it as I have around 1000 miles off roading with another 5000 or so on road on the trucket. In the six months I have replaced the five on road bias tires with BF all terrains thanks to a careless driver (hit my rear with only damaging the bumper) my bumper is now a mopar rock bumber which I only paid the differance in a new bumper. Planning to add front bumper, winch and the x hood which should keep the under hood cooler on those slow drives in the near future. I love the pentastar great engine BTW and its has the MB trans. Yes I hate to say I am Dave and I am a Jeep nut
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Master Member KnifeNut!
04-06-14 00:37.50 - Post#2596944    

    In response to daveydoo

Kinda like charm braclets for women...

Seems there is always something else needed (wanted).

Master Member KnifeNut!
04-09-14 05:06.18 - Post#2597368    

    In response to rdhollem

$1700.00 in the last two weeks on Jacquie's Patriot.

$600.00 on Jim's Grand Cherokee.

Just an Oil change on Mine.

I still love them but they can be a bit expensive.

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05-10-14 05:43.46 - Post#2601380    

    In response to daveydoo

Love my 96 Cherokee. 234,000 miles and it still runs great. In its 18 years of service it has only required 1 starter, 1 radiator, 1 tie rod end.
If it ever dies on me I will put it up on blocks and rebuild it.
Master Member KnifeNut!
05-15-14 00:37.26 - Post#2601938    

    In response to BobtheJeepster

I have an '05 Rubicon Unlimited. I put a lift on it, 33" tires, changed the control arms to adjustable solid bar, bypassed the locker restriction, put in a 280 amp alternator, diff armor, winch bumper, 12,000lb winch, poison spider rocker knockers, and am in the process of changing all lighting to LED for the durability, and low draw on the electrical system. I need to replace a rusty windshield frame, and I'm going to go with the flat fender conversion from MCE. The front axle eyes are too far out of round and it eats u-joints now, so I'm looking at ten factory or alloy USA axle upgrades. If it weren't for less than stellar fuel economy, and Canadian road salt trying to eat it, it would be perfect! You don't but a wrangler for what it is on the showroom floor, but rather that picture you have in your head of what a jeep is supposed to be! Fortunately, so far, maintenance parts have been quite reasonable.
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On Edge
06-02-14 02:44.03 - Post#2604121    

    In response to TheScoundrel_70

Currently driving my first Jeep - a 2013 Grand Cherokee ... just a simple Laredo 4x4 ... but I sure do love it, and am starting to look into "add-ons" ...

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