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Username Post: What to choose for survival knives        (Topic#932368)
08-16-13 23:56.11 - Post#2561558    

    In response to Moses2792796

Finally I would recommend that you at least try a carbon steel option. The pros of carbon steel are better price to performance ratio (1095 with a good heat treat will outperform stainless options that are double the price imo) and better toughness, these laminated steel blades made by Fallkniven and Cold Steel will chip along the edge under hard use whereas Carbon steels are much less likely to do so. In my opinion trying to remove the chips ends up being significantly more maintenance than keeping blades corrosion free. I've taken my carbon steel blades in very wet environments and I've never had real issues with corrosion beyond a little surface discoloration. Keep in mind that I don't even maintain my carbon steel blades 'properly', I just clean them and spray some WD40 on them after I use them, and that is only after I get home from a trip while I'm away I don't do anything to them.

So, having said all that if you are convinced to try a carbon steel option I recommend ESEE, good utilitarian design, perfect for outdoors use. They come with good sheaths and a great warranty and you have your pick of the various sizes.

I agree, 1095 or CPM3v or A2 would be excellent. The field testing I've done with 3v has impressed me, though it's tougher to sharpen.

Master Member KnifeNut!
08-17-13 08:21.55 - Post#2561631    

    In response to RTM

Alot of good choices out there in your price range. Best thing to do is search the internet and check out online knife dealers.

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Journeyman KnifeNut!
01-23-14 13:20.24 - Post#2586433    

    In response to GossmanKnives

it is not so important what knife you have, what are you using now to learn your skills? you can acquire skill set with any knife, a 12 dollar Mora from ragweed forge would be a good place to start if that is where you are at. this board has a lot of talented folks that can help you develop your woodsman skills that will keep you in good stay in an outdoor environment. it will also help you to decide which knife you find most useful for the tasks you have in mind. hardware helps only if you have the skill to use it.

Master Member KnifeNut!
12-19-14 02:59.16 - Post#2621234    

    In response to joey2164

I know this post is old, but I'm going to throw in my 2 cents anyway.

For a folder I would get a Benchmade Griptilian, and an Ontario SK5 Blackbird for the fixed blade. Keeps it under $250. Both are American made, drop point, flat grind, with 154CM steel. They will be fairly easy to sharpen (compared to other super steels) and you won't grow out of the steel as your skills improve.

If you want to keep it under $200, I would swap the SK5 for something with carbon steel. Anything from Becker would be a great choice, my personal favorite would be the BK16. Use the leftover money to buy a Tuf-cloth. Between this and the blade coating you shouldn't have to worry very much about corrosion as long as you keep the blade clean.

I live in Maryland where high humidity is a fact of daily life, and I have never had a problem with corrosion on my Becker BK9 which no longer has any coating. Again, the key is to keep it clean.

Hope this helps... if you haven't already made your purchases
02-20-17 17:48.42 - Post#2628615    

    In response to joey2164

How about a camp knife? There's plenty of good reviews at Why not check with them and get something that would fit your requirements?

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