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Username Post: Richard Batson knives        (Topic#925078)
sac troop
Journeyman KnifeNut!
05-06-16 08:25.02 - Post#2625402    

    In response to Dustoff67

Thanks for posting. The next time you see Uncle Jerry please thank him for us. Both for his service and his knife work.

03-14-17 10:02.30 - Post#2628776    

    In response to sac troop

Sometime in the middle of the 1970’s, I met Richard Batson in Washington, DC.

He had recently retired from the U.S. Army and I was a fledgling designer / illustrator about to be released from my U.S. Army enlistment – we
both were working at the same company – I was in the project transition program. Long story short, that was the start of my lifelong friendship with Richard Batson.

About two years ago, Richard came by my house with a box of photos and a case full of knives in various states of finish and said he was cleaning up promises made.

He asked me to help to scan, catalog and put together a book of pictures of the knives he had made over the years.

He has an amazing memory and there is a story that goes with each and every one of his knives.

I was absolutely blown away at the quality, from a fit and finish stand point, they are true works of art – but I am not naive as to their purpose.

They are designed and crafted by a man who is the “Real Deal”, he’s been, there done that, he understands the needs and he makes form and function accordingly.

Richard does not talk about what and where, but if you ever have a chance to meet the man…you just know that he is the real deal.

People often ask how Richard Batson came to make Ranger Knives or how he came to make the knives for the Rangers in the Ranger Battalion.

The simple answer is, he was not asked in the beginning, Batson simply made knives only for himself starting in the late 1940’s. When others wanted one, he made them one…it wasn’t about money and it still isn’t about the money, in fact he often gave the knives away.

In December of 1984, the 75th Ranger Regiment, S5 (Regimental, see photo) formally agreed to purchase Two (2) Fighting Knives per year from Richard Batson and that is how Richard Batson officially started making knives for the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Richard Batson guarantees his knives for his lifetime and has stood by that promise.

Richard loves his country, he respects the men and women who served in the defense of their country and feels a strong bond that lasts to this day for those he served with and there were many.

He has made combat knives for Rangers, Green Beret’s, SEALS and their equivalent’s in other Allied Nation’s elite fighting units – long before and long after he received his formal request to make knives for the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Richard Batson, DOES NOT buy steel blade blanks, he makes his own.

He hand tempers them the way old world blacksmiths did, through extreme heat and oil cooling.

He carefully selects what materials are right for the handle and works it until it not only feels right, but looks right.

He acid etches the steel by hand, cutting masks by hand and he carves or embellishes everything by hand the way true master craftsmen have done for centuries.

This is not an “off the rack product” and nothing against others out there who make knives, most just don’t go through the extremely laborious and time consuming process that Richard Batson does when he makes a knife.

Richard puts his heart, soul and his DNA, literally his blood, sweat and tears into each knife that he has made.

He is a True Master Knife Maker in every sense of the word.

What I do know, is that if you are fortunate enough to have a Batson Knife you not only have a great tool, but a beautiful piece of an American Knife Makers Artwork.

Richard Batson’s knives are in the personal collections of famous Generals down to Private’s and they range from presentation grade knives, to true fighting knives.

All of Richard Batson’s knives are meant to be used for what they were created for as a tool – working – fighting knife and this includes even the Presentation Knives, as Richard has never made a wall hanger.

Richard Batson’s knives are also displayed at The Army History Museum, The National Museum of American History and The Smithsonian Institution
(Item 93-11700), made for Sergeant Major Santo Matos, a true American hero.

I have attached a photo of the knife as it was photographed and recorded into the Smithsonian Institution archives as is required of any item coming into the Smithsonian for eventual display.

I hope this gives you some more insight into the man who made these extraordinary knives and who has lived an extraordinary life, I am proud and honored to call him my friend.




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