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Username Post: Benchmade 62 balisong review        (Topic#924016)
07-02-12 03:45.37 - Post#2480884    

So, I decided to write a bit about the all new balisong from benchmade, the model 62, well it is not all new, but it still is quite hard to find it. I bought mine trough the austrian official benchmade dealer, "steierer eisen".

Since the model 62 is not easily found, reviews are not easily found either, wich was a bit annoying for me, since I really like to check multiple reviews before buying a knife. I ended up buying it because it just looks awesome and it's a benchmade, wich imho are top class production knives.

I already owned a BM51 morpho, and I read that the 62 was quite heavy, a whopping 6.3oz. However, I figured it wouldn't feel that heavy when holding it, how wrong was i! When the 62 arrived i opened the package and man, it felt like flipping a brick! This is the reason I mentioned the fact I owned a 51, I was used to flipping a 3oz. bali, and then moving on to the 62 was really weird. It felt heavy, but it did not feel bad. So it took me like 15 minutes to get used to and then... WOW! the BM 62 is an amazing flipper, especially concerning rollovers, you barely have to do anything, you just let it go and let gravity do the rest, it's very smooth.

One of the main differences between the 51 and the 62, besides the weight is the handle play. although the bm51 is a great knife, there is considerable handle play, and I think that for a 200$ knife, there is too much handle play. With the 62 there is close to no handle play, almost comparable to what custom balisongs achieve.

The blade material, D2 is great, I really like D2, it has an amazing edge retention, my BM51, wich i got in 2011, still is razor sharp, and I expect the same of my 62.

The handles are made out of stainless steel, but are not made of one piece like the BM42.

Fixed in open position, the BM62 feels like a bank vault, anyone with a sebenza or I guess a strider(but idk about those since I don't own strider knives), should know the feeling. The blade does not budge, it feels like a fixed blade.

Out of box, the blade was slightly damaged, it had a tiny chip(barely noticeable) near the belly. It's not really an issue, since I sharpened it and it's gone now, but I tough I should mention it anyway.

One problem I have with this knife is the latch. It's not spring loaded. So when flipping, you will get stuck once in a while because of the latch. It's not terrible, but it can get annoying.

I think it's plus over the 51 for example, is it's sturdiness, it really is a knife you can use and even abuse, careful with the D2 however, because it will break quite easily.

All in all, I consider this a great knife, and a great flipper, however, I don't suggest a beginner to start with this knife, I think a lighter balisong, such as a BM51 is more suited for beginners.

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10-02-13 23:42.51 - Post#2568165    

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Nice Benchmade 62 pics. This type of knives were my favorite ones when I was a teenager.

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