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Username Post: Vegetarian sujihiki        (Topic#922934)
05-23-12 00:46.55 - Post#2472123    

I'd love to get a sujihiki but I don't eat meat or poultry, so I'm wondering how I could justify getting one. Anything a suji can do better than a gyuto other than slice protein? I do eat fish/seafood so I suppose there would be the occasional smoked salmon to slice.

Master Member KnifeNut!
05-23-12 01:06.28 - Post#2472132    

    In response to Adirondack

Slicing tofu perhaps?
Master Member KnifeNut!
05-23-12 01:14.38 - Post#2472134    

    In response to Benuser

Two things a suji has that a gyuto doesn't....narrow blade and typically longer than a gyuto.

Narrow blade cuts better than a gyuto when the whole blade is sunk into the product....less friction. Melons are a good example.

Longer blade...well that should be obvious I reckon.

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Member KnifeNut!
05-23-12 02:14.26 - Post#2472153    

    In response to Adirondack

I didn't know that something like "vegetarian sujihiki" existed , maybe it is something like a "manbearpig"! If you need a long slicer different than salmon-ham slicer or don't like the single beveled yanagiba then you buy a sujihiki , other than that i wouldn't be able to justify buying a sujihiki just for vegetables and occasionaly for slicng smoked salmon. If you only intend to use it for smoked salmon you are better of buying a stamped ,cheap, more flexible slicer knife.
Altough i have a yanagiba and a dedicated slicer i have bought a sujihiki too , because i am using it as a fillet knife for large cuts of meats.But if you fancy one , just go for it , i am sure you can create uses for it even it is not a replacemnet for a Gyuto

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