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Username Post: ebay cheapies - what did I buy?        (Topic#921024)
03-19-12 17:18.09 - Post#2453461    




Master Member KnifeNut!
03-20-12 02:24.08 - Post#2453507    

    In response to spleenex

The bottom one is an Indian knockoff of the Mk 3 pattern kukri, with a phony mark resembling a British broad arrow and some other illegible writing. The top one has no cho so is probably best described as the blade of an unknown KLO.

Big Mike
Master Member KnifeNut!
03-20-12 05:45.09 - Post#2453583    

    In response to spleenex

You get what you pay for,

...looks like you got your money's worth.

Big Mike

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― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Semper Vigilis

Master Member KnifeNut!
03-22-12 02:37.07 - Post#2454304    

    In response to Big Mike

I'd say you got a couple of potentially fun projects. Check the edges with a file to make sure they've actually got some degree or another of temper, clean 'em up a bit and re-handle if you need to, then go play!

At worst, you've got two blades to learn re-handling on without a big investment, and you never know, you might have a good chopper there too somewhere.
Journeyman KnifeNut!
05-05-12 09:35.01 - Post#2467939    

    In response to Berkley

finally able to get back on this forum.been sick for almost a year from lung problems,been set up with a oxygen machine to help me breathe,anyway i used to collect those mk3"s off fleabay,was fun decyphering all the different marking's on the kukri that alot of people overlook,rusty old kuk"s for cheap,i am sure some i had were fakes.some had legit letters and arrows from what i learned off the antique kukri forum"s.long post whew.

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