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    Username Post: "Mark 3 Mod Zero"???        (Topic#919883)
    Daniel Nighteyes
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    02-14-12 07:37.39 - Post#2442990    

    Is it just me, or is something not quite right here?

    We all know what the ORIGINAL Ontario Cutlery Mark 3 Mod Zero knife looked like -- the point of which seems to be a prime candidate for breaking off at a moment's notice.

    Now, I am noticing, Ontario has redesigned or modified the point to greatly reduce the breakage possibility. However, the resulting knife is still called the "Mark 3 Mod Zero."

    Am I missing something here? Should the modified design not be called the Mark 3 Mod One? Or am I totally crazy?

    "Enquiring minds..." and all that.

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    sac troop
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    02-14-12 07:59.29 - Post#2443002    

        In response to Daniel Nighteyes

    Daniel your not wrong. What I've heard is the blade was changed to a drop point for just the reason you stated.
    I can only wonder if instead of issuing a change as a new mod number they got some kind of approval to correct the problem. Kind of like how the M9 bayonet eventually lost it's fuller.
    Anyway nothing more here than one of those smelly opinions.
    Daniel Nighteyes
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    03-01-12 04:57.09 - Post#2447958    

        In response to sac troop

    • sac troop Said:
    Anyway nothing more here than one of those smelly opinions. Cheers.

    Yup. I generally think of opinions (mine included) as being like noses -- everybody's got one, and most of 'em smell.


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