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Username Post: Mission knives test and interview        (Topic#919602)
Member KnifeNut!
02-06-12 08:28.25 - Post#2440082    

Hi Adam

as far as I remember you once told in you posts that you did not have the time to answer several (hundreds of) mails, so I try it this way ;-) .

You once annouced an interview with Anthony from Mission knives and a test with a Mission MPK 12.

Greenbeetle added a link ( to the interview but unfortunately it does not work. Could you please post a link that works ?

Another question: when will you do the test with the MPK 12 Ti and or did you already start the passaroud ?

Hope to hear from you soon

Thank you in advance


Equip 2 Endure
Journeyman KnifeNut!
03-28-12 08:05.10 - Post#2456254    

    In response to SvenL

Sorry, it has been so long for me getting back. The Mission MPK 12 Test is almost done. It has been mailed around to a few different E2E Team Member and put through hell! So far so good, no issues with the exception that it's so lite it's not the best chopper, but hey... that's what axes are for. I hope to have a video done this weekend. So look for the complete product soon!
- Adam

"If you're not always prepared, you're never prepared!"
-Adam Equip 2 Endure

Member KnifeNut!
03-31-12 09:33.27 - Post#2457047    

    In response to Equip 2 Endure

Thank you Adam

in case you are interested in my Mission MPT report for bushcraft and survival use you find the article under

I am very interested to see if we got similar results
04-12-12 16:33.08 - Post#2460985    

    In response to SvenL

you guys could have just asked us military types who have used them for about a dozen years....wink!...look forward to the review...let me guess a preview of it....virtually unbreakable unless you manage to tear the first inch or two off one with it jammed in something, more than that and you can't even tear doesn't break, it tears...VERY hard to do....thick blade and light not best chopper, almost a tie with a Ka-Bar...doesn't hold a fine edge worth beans, but holds a useable edge for a very long time, especially in abrasive environments like sawing through heavy rope packed with serrations in the business...edge will not break out, but bends...extreme large bends can be hammered out of edge....otherwise virtually indestructible unless you use a sledge on the end of the handle, and even then after the rear part breaks off, the heavy tang stops further matter how much you hurt it, you still have a tool you can cut or pry with, even with the end ripped off and back of handle destroyed....handles extremes of cold and heat survivable by humans extremely well....aside from issue known due to light titanium blade such as not holding a fine edge and the light weight and heavy profile reducing whacking power, it is the knife everyone dreams of owning, zero care even right out of the surf and nearly indestructible....
Member KnifeNut!
10-28-12 06:45.22 - Post#2505912    

    In response to mtngunr

Thank you, military type :-) .

Just found your posting today.
It was at least as good as the review made by e2e and reminded me of Cliff Stamp who did a great review too.
Lots of valid and interesting informations in a very compact form.

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