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    Username Post: Remington Ranch Hand.        (Topic#919266)
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    01-28-12 05:10.44 - Post#2436641    

    Finally got around to taking a bunch of pics of knives I have had for while. This one a minty Remington piece I got for a pretty good price about a month or so back.........

    It's a Camillus-built Remington R103 Ranch Hand Bullet Knife from 1999. It's 3 1/2" closed Jack pattern with brush finished 440A stainless blades, nickle/silver bolsters and shield, brass liners and pins, and jigged Brown Delrin scales. Blades are swedged and the mainblade has a long pull, and both have nice sharp edges....

    Fit and finish is real good and virtually seamless.........

    And it's got some real stout backsprings which I like. It came mint in it's original box with all the proper paperwork.....

    For me, another great addition to my Remington collection. And from back when they were made by the oldest Cutlery factory in the US.

    "Knives and Flashlights are like can never have too many!"


    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    03-24-12 13:30.18 - Post#2455075    

        In response to 2xTap

    Wow, beautiful. Wouldn't expect fit and finish like that from Remington.
    03-24-12 13:39.39 - Post#2455084    

        In response to Lostmymarbles

    • Quote:
    Wow, beautiful. Wouldn't expect fit and finish like that from Remington.

    From Camillus.
    Remington stopped making knives in the late 30s-early 40s.
    If you want to win an argument, it is best to stick to the truth.....or,at least, provable untruths.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-01-12 12:32.14 - Post#2457287    

        In response to brianWE

    Nice score. I don't know why but those bolsters are really nice looking.
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-05-12 11:27.24 - Post#2458628    

        In response to smcclown


    As Brian mentioned these were actually made by Camillus for Remington. I have a few others of similar F&F. And while not all the Camillus built pieces I own are impeccable, I don't own one that is bad. Camillus knew how to build a knife.


    Thanks bud.

    "Knives and Flashlights are like can never have too many!"

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-08-12 11:26.13 - Post#2459478    

        In response to 2xTap



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