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Username Post: Vietnam war machete..        (Topic#919099)
Master Member KnifeNut!
01-23-12 13:13.13 - Post#2434823

strange chinese style forged machete...
i think ive seen these machetes before.. but it is vague..
this one sold for a crazy amount on ebay recently..seller says machete marked 1968 + 201
anyone know who made this and if its u.s. made or vietnamese made...



01-29-12 05:39.50 - Post#2437076    

    In response to ausjulius

very cool
Master Member KnifeNut!
01-30-12 12:05.39 - Post#2437504    

    In response to js2011

indeed it is interesting. i am sure i have seen such a knife like this before as a kid is this type of rubberised green sheath.. looks just like a chinese chopper you buy in the a market there.. but factory made.. i wonder if this was made in vietnam.. or the u.s. or another country

Daniel Nighteyes
Master Member KnifeNut!
03-01-12 05:23.36 - Post#2447976    

    In response to ausjulius

This blade is quite similar to another I used to see in one of the outdoor products/military/tactica l (and wannabe) catalogs -- just wish I could remember which one. But that was a long time ago in a life that's now far, far away...

IIRC, they called it an "African Bush Knife" and made much of the idea that the hollow handle was of great assistance in converting it to a spear.

Of course, the "African Bush Knife" had a drop-point configuration instead of the squared-off configuration seen in the subject of this thread.

I'd not be wanting to hold this thing in my bare hand when whacking into anything substantial. There's a good reason why hammers have shock-absorbing handles, ya know...

Hoping this helps a bit.

-- Nighteyes

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Master Member KnifeNut!
03-10-12 19:47.53 - Post#2450806    

    In response to Daniel Nighteyes

i think the knife you are thinking of is the cold steel bushman . othign to do with africa other than being made in south africa by lasher tools.
no thins knife is from the vietnam war and is based on the south east asian choppers found in thailand, south china and Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia region
what i wounder was who made this , was it vietnamese made or japan or in the u.s or some other place..

Daniel Nighteyes
Master Member KnifeNut!
03-17-12 07:22.50 - Post#2452662    

    In response to ausjulius

  • ausjulius Said:
i think the knife you are thinking of is the cold steel bushman

Yup, that's the one!

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