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Username Post: Just got 2 in the mail-GEC and Case        (Topic#902806)
Master Member KnifeNut!
05-15-11 10:19.10 - Post#2338014    

So here are the two I recently ordered. The first is a Case Sodbuster Jr. in yellow and CV. The second is a GEC Barlow in Sawcut Yellow Goldenrod Bone. I'm very happy with both.

I've had one other Case knife before and swore them off as I was not impressed with the last one I had. The Sodbuster Jr is great though. Although the edge bevel is pretty uneven and there is a huge burr still on it, it is pretty sharp. Good snap and a great size. I'm looking forward to carrying it often.

The GEC is just beautiful. Smaller than expected but pretty robust nonetheless. The springs are stout but I can manage to get the blades open without completely destroying my thumbnail. The main clip and the secondary pen blades are both relatively sharp and the F&F is excellent. There is no doubt that there are several more GEC's in my near future. Thanks for all the pointers on helping me with my new slipjoint purchase. I am officially hooked

Right click for full size pics:


Master Member KnifeNut!
05-15-11 11:55.22 - Post#2338049    

    In response to smcclown

Nice haul there, smcclown!

I have never owned a Case Sodbuster (shame on me) but I have two of the GEC Barlows. They are very well built knives. Small, but built like little tanks.

Good score!
Rick T.

Master Member KnifeNut!
05-15-11 12:56.28 - Post#2338075    

    In response to Switchback

Case sodbusters are greatworking knives. That GEC Barlow is a beaut! Nice pick-ups on both- congrats!
Master Member KnifeNut!
05-16-11 13:29.25 - Post#2338471    

    In response to newadventure


Nice grabs bud. The Case Sodbuster is a great knife. I have two of them myself and tote one from time to time. Alot of knife for little money.

Yeah, the GEC Barlows are little pugs of a knife. Great build quality, as all GEC's are. Found mine way to small for liking. Good pocketable pattern though.

So what's the next GEC you are eyeing?

"Knives and Flashlights are like can never have too many!"

Master Member KnifeNut!
05-16-11 15:14.49 - Post#2338527    

    In response to 2xTap

Thanks for all the replies!

What's next? There are so many to choose from. I still like the looks of the harness jack, but I'm thinking maybe a moose or a scout could be next. The yellow rose and blue bone colorings have really caught my eye.

Derrick over at KSF has a new Scagel slippy that should be coming along soon. I'm eager to see exactly what that will be. I like the looks of the new Scagels but the previous offerings haven't really seemed to command my attention. Great looking knives but I'm hoping this next one is a little more robust.
bax 40
Master Member KnifeNut!
05-17-11 00:55.25 - Post#2338642    

    In response to smcclown

Those Gec barlows redefine what a barlow should be in my opinion and you can never go wrong with a sodbuster!!

Try one of the scout series next, you wont regret it!!

Just my opinion, I could be wrong!!


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Master Member KnifeNut!
05-17-11 11:48.53 - Post#2338893    

    In response to bax 40

I think I like that advice Now I just have to find one in a handle material I like and start savin my pennies.

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