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Username Post: Spyderco Terzuola + Stag Kiwi 3        (Topic#901521)
Journeyman KnifeNut!
05-23-11 08:35.55 - Post#2341214    

    In response to frankk

Sending the knives out today. My thoughts mirror Vic's and Frank's for the most part.

I really wanted to like the Bob T, but couldn't. As good as the CF scales are, they don't seem to complement this knife very much. Indeed, as Vic said, it feels cheap even though it isn't.

I liked the Kiwi more, but still don't think I'm looking to get one anytime soon. The typical Spyderco hole design which works so well in the locking knives, don't provide ease of operation on this one. The stag scales were also too thick IMO, and added unnecessary bulk and thickness to this "pocket friendly" knife.

Still, thank you for the chance to play with these. Think I'll go back to my Military now

Journeyman KnifeNut!
05-27-11 15:59.45 - Post#2342919    

    In response to DallasSTB

got the knives on wednesday sorry about not posting that been busy with work but I really like the stag kiwi it feels real good the stag handles aren't rough at all which I thought they might be. Also the terzuola I was surprised on how strong the detent actually is to open or to close. But the carbon fiber grip feels good and secure have been EDCing it for now and will see what I like in the next days before I send it out to the next member.
Master Member KnifeNut!
06-24-11 03:01.30 - Post#2353281    

    In response to haromj15

Safely with me now. will be sending them on this weekend

Master Member KnifeNut!
06-30-11 01:48.21 - Post#2355493    

    In response to frankk

Well, I have had my turn with these and have sent them back.

I liked them both, although the Kiwi is generally too small for me, I have given it as a gift several times over the years. It seems bigger than it is due to the choil. I thought that the scales were too big, too thick.

I liked the Terzoula quite a bit, and was surprised by how well the slip lock works. I did not like the lanyard hole or the lanyard itself.

Thanks Frank and many thanks to the Spydercrew.

11-03-11 05:37.25 - Post#2406090    

    In response to frankk

Hey! is this pass around still going on or am I too late?

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