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Username Post: Knife laws in your country/state        (Topic#887518)
Master Member KnifeNut!
10-30-10 03:19.35 - Post#2233473    

    In response to wstwood

  • wstwood Said:
I agree, mind your P's and Q's and dont go breaking the law (almost impossible today) and you should be ok.

I never worry about the cops. I never do anything illegal (as far as I know) so I dont have anything to fear right?......... Right?

Caught red handed with a bag full of knives!

You gotta be fast to fess up in that situation!

Officer, I have 300 knives in this backpack.

I bet he wanted to go through it on his own!

it is good that he did not hassle you any more than to ask for ID.

But what was his original reason for stopping you?

The reason I needed to show my ID was to run my background and make sure I had a clean record. If I had not had a clean record like I do I probably would have ended up having to go to jail..... I am a bartender and had a very poor customer interaction and the police got involved. After a couple court dates all is dropped though.... thank you Karma
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Master Member KnifeNut!
11-01-10 15:09.44 - Post#2234405    

    In response to Frose

hell frose you aint seen nothing, once, no twice i was..........forgetabouttit. sweated that one out,. and its cold in there and not enough food {if you can call it edible}. thank YOU karma.

Master Member KnifeNut!
11-21-10 10:26.19 - Post#2241796    

    In response to seniormcblade

I've been looking for this thread. The subscription didn't work after it was moved.
09-16-11 02:37.55 - Post#2387263    

    In response to Frose

I too live in Colorado, Frose, and have, so far, had the same interaction with the police as you did (more on the gun side). I have heard Denver police are the paranoid variety, as would be most big city police probably, but the really paranoid ones out here are the park rangers.

Because some of you will wonder, I'll elaborate briefly; had a sig 226 on the belt hiking in a park (We usually hike in Wilderness or nat. forests where everything is good) and a ranger saw it. She radioed for the cops because of SOP I guess. The cop checked the gun, checked me out, and handed it back to me telling me to use a CC permit next time right in front of the ranger. What a guy!

I also wanted to add to the discussion about laws that our CC permits do not apply to knives. I know in some states they do, and people may wonder about that. Batons are also totally illegal, I carry a 3.9" Benchmade Mini-Ruckus every day on a pocket clip and have never had any problem. LOVE the knife by the way - I'm the type of guy who likes heavier knives.

Frose - you make knives?? Do you have information on them? I would love to look at a Custom Colorado maker's knives!
Steel Obsession
Journeyman KnifeNut!
03-02-12 08:48.48 - Post#2448381    

    In response to Leon_katarn

Im from the very southern part of Illinois about a 30 miniute drive west of Harrisburg Il. the town that was just severly hit by a F4 tornato that has been on the news latley. When it comes to knives the only thing that is really a no no is carying an auto knife or bolistics knife. Speed assisted knives are fine. As far as the police officers around here most have no issues with people carying knives as long as you are not waveing them around or it has been reported that you are out to harm someone. It is very common to see men and some ladies around here with knives on there person. Mostly tactical folders in the front pocket but you will see some people with fixed blades. I sometimes have a fixed blad on me when im working. We are mostly country bumpkins around here and things are much different then they are around the Chicago area of Illinois. Now some people say that you can carry a knife in Il. as long as the blade is not over 3 inches long. From what I have read in the IL. laws on knives you can carry a knife over 3 in even though it is considered a dangerous wepon and not be breaking the law as long as you do not commit a felony while carrying it or intend to uses it to harm someone. Then you will be chaged with armed violence. However, if you are carrying a monster blade you may get questioned by the police on why you are carrying it. Now I believe Chicago has a 2.5 in limmit on knives and some other citys might have a limmit on blade leanth as well.
10-07-14 01:50.24 - Post#2615696    

    In response to Steel Obsession

Here in Georgia, USA, we're pretty relaxed about knives. Your only breaking the law if you carry a knife with a blade longer than 5", "for the purposes of offense, or defense", concealed or open. Furthermore, a knife in Georgia is defined as , "an instrument having a sharpened blade attached or affixed to a handle".

SO, if you have a hunting knife, that's OK, because it is not intended for fighting. You could also carry a sword cane if it is the kind with just a point, and no blade, like an epee, or foil. Also, knives like the CS Bushman are legal even though they are longer than 5", because they are one solid piece of metal, and have no affixed handle.

On the other hand, a 2" belt buckle knife will get you busted, because it is obviously for "offense or defense'. Likewise with double-bladed boot knives, daggers, dirks, sub-hilts, or knuckle knives.

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