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    Username Post: Shibazi cleaver steel or CCK?        (Topic#881965)
    07-12-10 12:55.26 - Post#2168977    

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm curious if anyone has an opinion on the quality of the Shibazi cleavers. I'm debating between these and the CCK cleavers. It sounds like the CCKs are trusted and true, whereas the Shibazi are good but there's less info out there on them and I'm a little suspect of the steel quality. Anyway, I'm curious if anyone has an opinion of the 4Cr13Mov steel used in some of the Shibazi cleavers ( ame=). Does it hold an edge, is it clean, is it consistent etc... I know they can take an edge, but is the steel quality any good? Is it worth it to triple or quadruple the price for the CCK? It seems the Shibazi and CCK product lines are very similar.

    Here is one thread in particular that spurred my question regarding steel quality and knowing what's in your knife:

    Thanks for any thoughts,


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    Master Member KnifeNut!
    07-12-10 15:00.21 - Post#2169085    

        In response to wineyarders

    Steel isn't everything. What the CCK has going for it is the cross sectional geometry, they aren't expensive at $30 either. Very few people like the stainless steels used in these Chinese knives though, and would deter you from buying stainless of either.
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    07-12-10 15:04.36 - Post#2169091    

        In response to wineyarders


    I cannot directly compare the Shibazi and the CCK because I do not own a CCK. But I do own two Shibazi cleavers I bought about five years ago when I was in China. I don't know exactly which cleavers they are because there seems to be so many. One cleaver is lighter and I use for veggies. The other is thicker and heavier and don't use very often. Both are some type of stainless but I do not know any specifics. I put an approximately 15 degree angle per side on both cleavers with my King 1000/6000 combo stone then finish with a leather stop loaded with cro. The cleavers get very sharp. However, I do notice the edge on the lighter cleaver (since I use that one the most) does seem to roll a bit. I do cut on a poly board with a chop that has a bit of a forward push. I suspect the CCK cleaver will have better edge retention, but I do not know for sure. Just a guess based on the reviews here. One of these days I think I will buy the CCK just to see if it is any better than the Shibazi cleavers I have. I do really like the Shibazi light cleaver I own and I do use it a lot (well, I use it a lot when I have the time to cook ).

    Hope this helps! - David
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    07-12-10 15:14.22 - Post#2169100    

        In response to wineyarders

    CCK knives are popular, especially the slicing cleavers, because they have an excellent design, there is nothing special about the metal as far as being able to take and hold a keen edge.

    People who are interested in trying a cleaver, can try a CCK and see if the shape works for them, without having to invest a lot of money.

    Once you start talking about a price that is double to triple of that of a CCK, then you are getting into the low end of Japanese cleavers. The steel in a Japanese knife, is going to be superior to what is found in a Chinese knife.

    Mark had some very high end cleavers, Tojiro, and Sakai Takiyuke, in the low $200 range. JCK also has some lower end cleavers in the $100.00 range.


    07-12-10 16:14.25 - Post#2169149    

        In response to ilikefood


    Do you have any pictures?
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    07-12-10 17:05.36 - Post#2169185    

        In response to markr37

    Mark - Here they are, the first three pictures are of the smaller cleaver I use for veggies. The last picture is with the heavier/thicker cleaver on the right.

    Sorry for the poor quality pictures, I am not very good at taking pictures of knives.

    - David
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    07-12-10 17:33.27 - Post#2169209    

        In response to ilikefood

    From what I heard while in China, Shibazi knives are highly regarded and can be purchased in large stores in China. In America, I have had a harder time finding them. I did find two Asian grocery stores that sold them in the Twin Cities. One store is in St. Paul and only had one very heavy knife, most likely for meat and chopping small bones. The other store was in Minneapolis and had one or two types. I believe one of the shibazi knives was lighter and probably for vegetables.
    07-12-10 20:28.47 - Post#2169246    

        In response to wineyarders

    There seems to be different levels of Shibazi cleavers. One I bought 15 years ago (SS) holds a great edge and keeps it for a while. The new one I bought with brass trim on the handles is terrible at edge holding. The geometry is good for vegetables, but the steel is way too soft and rolls. Look around and open up the package, they're ~$10 at Chinese stores (although recently I've only seen the low end models). Good for the wife or a home user like me (or just lazy). Cut, eat, toss in dishwasher.
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    07-13-10 17:36.48 - Post#2170120    

        In response to hozo

    I have had both Shi Ba Zi and CCK cleavers, I'll let you guess which I prefer. The fit and finish on the Shi Ba Zi is even better than that on my Sugimoto, and clearly blows the CCK out of the water in that regard. However, I find the performance of the Shi Ba Zi to be unispiring. The ones I used to have (gave them away) were either too thick to slice properly or lacked heft for serious chopping. They are in that awkward middle gound. Like others have said, CCK slicers I find to be most rewarding because of the geometry (certainly not for the quality of the steel), and my CCK Kau Kong chopper has enough heft to split my chopping block in half if I so desired.
    08-14-10 06:13.22 - Post#2192043    

        In response to CCKdisciple

    Found an inexpensive shibazi slicing cleaver at if anyone is looking

    Thing's a lazer.

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