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04-18-11 19:21.57 - Post#2327878    

    In response to MISTER MOON

I had to watch that a few times because i just could not believe it. Anyway, great shooting and simply amazing.

Master Member KnifeNut!
05-01-11 14:12.49 - Post#2333290    

    In response to AvidH

WOW! Great shooting. I love the snubby. I think I shoot it pretty well, but nothing like this. This has inspired me to really test myself with mine to see what I can really do at distance. I have told my friend I want to get good at shooting my snubby because so many think you can't. Now I just need to show them this. But I am still going to work on my shooting.

Great shooting and thanks for the inspiration.

Also what gun are you using and any modifications to it?


Journeyman KnifeNut!
06-06-11 07:00.32 - Post#2346186    

    In response to bjf41

heck i thought i was doing good hitting a beer can at 40 yds with the colt detective.---dennis
Journeyman KnifeNut!
08-10-11 09:45.27 - Post#2373346    

    In response to Shiloh TV

Pity the unfortunate soul who decides to trade shots with you!!

Great shooting!

06-08-13 14:16.39 - Post#2553035    

    In response to MISTER MOON

I put my M36, fired SA, with target wadcutters, on my Lee Machine Rest, it grouped 5 shots into 2" at 25 yds. At 100 yds, then, the best it could hope to do is 8", which hits a gallon jug every shot, IF there's no wind and IF you can shoot like a machinerest and IF you know exactly where to aim. If the gun is zeroed at 25 yds, as it shouuld be for defensive work, it's going to group its shots over a foot low at 100 yds, using lrn, and much more than that with wadcutter ammo. full wadcutters drift badly in the wind at ranges beyond about 50 yds.

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