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    Username Post: Lone Wolf Knives, Lobo Double Duty        (Topic#866066)
    12-04-09 00:42.16 - Post#1996193    

    Any Feedback on this knife ?
    Just ordered one in and thinking it will make a decent EDC.

    Recommend edge on the SV30 ?


    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    12-06-09 01:49.45 - Post#1997892    

        In response to GotBCI

    The Double Duty is a GREAT EDC. Very solid. Well worth the price, which is very reasonable. A+++
    12-07-09 23:56.03 - Post#1999532    

        In response to GotBCI

    Well my investment of $120.00 has arrived,abit smaller then most my EDC's but its early still
    so we'll allow abit more time for bonding.
    Manual operation is smooth and solid.
    Auto activation is abit iffy,misfires or partial open is pretty frequent. Could be a lube issue?
    the knife isn't brand new and shows no sign of abuse but I would expect better operation of the auto fire.

    I just cant imagine paying suggested
    MSRP$280+ USD on this blade if the overall performance is as described above.

    Hopefully I find a few more positives as I use it
    the next couple weeks.
    12-11-09 06:18.35 - Post#2002576    

        In response to GotBCI

    I do not have any experience with the double duty but I have two diablo d/a's and the both are extremely quick and snappy on the auto open. Could be lube I guess. I have used a rifle CLP (clean, lube, protect) spray in that situation in the past with good results.
    01-03-10 13:43.14 - Post#2021210    

        In response to JFlanders

    I ordered a Lone Wolf D2 and used it for 8 hours. The hidden button quit working and the blade would open on its own! Very bad problem. I sent it back and got another one thinking it was a fluke 8 hours later the same issue. I will never own a Lone Wolf D2 again.
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    01-13-10 10:41.07 - Post#2030702    

        In response to n8vyc

    I have EDC a Diablo DA for a year with no isues at all. Love the blade shape and the CPM-S30V is a great blade material. Was a little snug on manual opening when I first got it but removed the scales and backed off a little on the pivot screw and it operates as well as my custom knives. Never an issue in the auto firing with this knife and it is impossible for most to figure out how I open it this way. I would like to purchase Desert Ironwood scales for it but they were made on a special run by Lone Wolf and are not availble at this time. Might have to make my own if I can get the use of a milling machine again. Overall the knife is well made and was a steal for $160 NIB a year ago.
    01-18-10 12:57.11 - Post#2035152    

        In response to GotBCI

    OK been near a month with is new auto DA.
    The Sv30 is a no brainer to those that understand such simplicity.

    I EDC in my right front pocket,the knife seems to have a mind of its own.
    Its a daily struggle to keep the knife from deploying in my pocket when sitting down.
    It's "neat" little action release also happens to be very easy to trigger when drawing the knife for use.

    IMO its way to high maintenance keeping my mind on a EDC blade due to the chronic quirks of its design.Its also not uncommon for the blade to partially engage when a full deploy is desired/attempted.

    Over all its a "good knife",good materials etc.
    Abit small for heavy leverage cuts but well suited
    for trimming nails and opening box's.

    I'm back to my BM 14205 for EDC,the Lone Wolf DA"gizmo" has been retired to the "drawer"

    Edited by GotBCI on 01-18-10 13:00.40. Reason for edit: No reason given.
    03-07-10 04:58.22 - Post#2078452    

        In response to GotBCI

    Looking to trade this Lobo off,knife is in good shape,it just doesnt fit my needs in a blade.

    Looking for BM Axis S30V type knife
    Trade value $125 as is used etc.

    Mini Rukus,HK-14205/14210 plain edges only
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    03-16-10 15:49.10 - Post#2087252    

        In response to n8vyc

    • n8vyc Said:
    I ordered a Lone Wolf D2 and used it for 8 hours. The hidden button quit working and the blade would open on its own! Very bad problem. I sent it back and got another one thinking it was a fluke 8 hours later the same issue. I will never own a Lone Wolf D2 again.

    I had the same issue sent it in for warranty work. worked fined for a week then it deployed in my front pocket. I love the blade design so I took the spring out and now it is t2. Other than the auto failing it been one great knife. It was my second and last auto. I had a gerber auto which did not have this issue, but traded it for Bark River. I spent 230 for it.
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    03-17-10 02:21.04 - Post#2087516    

        In response to daveydoo17

    Been using a D2 for 2yrs, never had a problem. Sorry you ran into this. Got a Valmatic also with no problems, have been very impressed with these knives.

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