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Username Post: Case XX 6265 SAB "pig's eye"        (Topic#863514)
10-28-09 07:02.42 - Post#1968204    

Back in the 70's, I purchased a Case folding hunter with a peculiar bolster - the pin protruded slightly from it. Several years later, curious about this knife, I wrote to Case for information, as I could find nothing in books. I received a reply from Ms. Shirley Boser, Case Historian. Ms. Boser contacted Ralph Scruton, expert knife collector: "It seems that the Florida, Fish and Game Commission purchased some folders for skinning alligators but the hides were so tough it would shear the pins. The knives were returned to Case and the pins replaced with steel pins which protruded slightly above the bolsters. There were not very many of these made and they are rare. The folders with the "pig's eye" pin have increased value over regular bolsters folders."

I am not interested in selling this knife, but I would like some opinions as to what it might be worth, for insurance purposes. The knife is factory-new: never carried, sharpened, or sheathed. I have enclosed a photo. There is not a mark on it anywhere.

If anyone knows anything about this knife, I would appreciate any and all information. Thank you.




Master Member KnifeNut!
10-29-09 14:09.02 - Post#1969182    

    In response to Vern46

Looks like it is on a Case XX frame so I am guessing it was made pre 70. A look at the tang mark would be helpful.
Bone handle?
I really would haev a hard time pricing that piece since so much of that depends on past transactions of which I can not find any.
Also value depends a lot on what is popular. Folding Hunters with bone handles are very popular amoung collectors. If I had it insured I would put $1000.00 on it since I really think you are going to have a hard time finding a mint one at all.
Lots of guessing here. But it may actually go higher in a auction.
Nice knife. Do you have any better pics you could post?
Ed(not Ramel who might actually have seen one of these before)
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Master Member KnifeNut!
10-30-09 13:34.29 - Post#1969919    

    In response to Fox1011

The handles look like laminated wood to me.

It is a very nice looking knife.

Did you buy it new ?

Robbie Roberson.

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02-04-12 04:52.49 - Post#2439377    

    In response to Fox1011

Well, let it never be said that I don't respond to replies . I guess I didn't really expect anyone to respond, since I still have not seen another knife like mine. It is a standard, Case XX, Model 6265 SAB, with polished steel blades. The handle is laminated wood. The only difference between my knife, and the standard, production model 6265, is the protruding bolster pin, which gave it it's name as a "pig's eye" bolster. I bought it new, and it has been stored protectively ever since. It is in factory-new condition.
Master Member KnifeNut!
02-04-12 06:00.25 - Post#2439398    

    In response to Vern46

Wow great knife! The ones with stories like that are always the coolest.

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