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Username Post: Cutco Cutlery        (Topic#851760)
Obvious Genius
05-11-09 22:44.10 - Post#1838169    

Hello. I just recently started a new job with Cutco Cutlery and was wondering if you guys think they are all as good as the company says they are.

Good experiences, bad experiences, I just want to learn about what people are saying about them.

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Master Member KnifeNut!
05-11-09 22:54.20 - Post#1838172    

    In response to angusman

Their cutlery is way overpriced for what it is. Compare it to anything in its actual price range, and it will be extremely lacking. Something in their quality range would be like a $25 Forchner chefs knife, which might be even better. Their sales company Vector marketing, is also known for doing some very shady and deceptive stuff. Their double D edge is nothing but a sharpened serration which are generally found on knives with large teeth, rather than a saw style unsharpened tooth serration. If you google cutco, you'll find that people are either unsatisfied, or the people that are satisfied either only paid half-price, or never used a decent knife before to compare it to.

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Master Member KnifeNut!
05-11-09 23:16.26 - Post#1838178    

    In response to C9

  • C9 Said:
Tyou'll find that people are either unsatisfied, or the people that are satisfied either only paid half-price, or never used a decent knife before to compare it to.

I've never owned one, but an uncle of mine loves his, mostly because he's clueless about knives, abuses the heck out of them, never sharpens them, and still expects them to cut. For that kind of person they might be great, but that doesn't mean they're a great product.

The only positive review I've ever seen on the forums was for their kitchen shears, which sound like their only decent product.
Master Member KnifeNut!
05-11-09 23:48.32 - Post#1838188    

    In response to spaceconvoy

Definetely not the first thread on this subject, and won't be the last. I gotta admit when I seen this thread, I was excited to see another lost soul about ready to see the light. I have handled these, and they are pure crap compared to even modestly priced knives. To add insult to injury, they are crazy expensive. I just had a conversation with a nice lady about knives, and she was bragging how she bought a "very expensive" set of knives. When I asked her what she bought, expecting Henkels or Wustof, she said cutco. What do you do but roll your eyes and hope that she sees the light. Obviously that won't happen. As a knifenut, Cutco is an evil corporation to me. Everything I don't want in a knife.

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Master Member KnifeNut!
05-12-09 00:10.53 - Post#1838196    

    In response to AFkitchenkniveguy

wife's family owns some. i find the handles to be very peculiarly-shaped. the metal isn't that great for what they paid - and it's not even like it's such an extraordinarily thin knife that it won't matter if the edge isn't that sharp - it still wedges. However, I have come up with a circumstance where Cutco would be fine: for a non-knife-nut (i.e. one who can't sharpen their own knives), if perhaps cutco sold two-for-one, that way you always have one on hand while the other is getting resharpened at the factory, and IF cutco paid for postage both ways. this way, my wife's family wouldn't hesitate to send their knives away to get resharpened constantly (but right now, it's their 'only' knife).

Of course, why would a person ever want to Cutcos when a similar swapping scheme can be applied to buying two Shuns ... I don't know ...

Also, we appreciate that you didn't come on saying that cutco was the greatest thing since slicing bread - we've had that a lot of times - i really like it when the moderators and senior members step in on those posts ...
Master Member KnifeNut!
05-12-09 03:09.33 - Post#1838276    

    In response to TDj

Heh heh, come on guys, why don't you tell him what you REALLY think?

Ya never know- Cutco might be looking to expand their sponsorships! I'm pretty sure knifeforums needs it's own private jet... hint hint...
Master Member KnifeNut!
05-12-09 03:23.29 - Post#1838279    

    In response to zenogias

That is why they make Yugos and BMWs. Low quality tools for those who don't know better.

Master Member KnifeNut!
05-12-09 03:29.03 - Post#1838284    

    In response to boardsmith

Cutcos are overpriced disposable utility saws.


Master Member KnifeNut!
05-12-09 03:48.41 - Post#1838293    

    In response to DocNightfall

All I know is they sell a pair of scissors that can cut through a penny...
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Master Member KnifeNut!
05-12-09 04:59.44 - Post#1838345    

    In response to jonowee

Forgetting about the low quality steel and high price for a minute, here are my three biggest problems.
  • They are thick, especially behind the edge, causing the knife to wedge and break things when cutting
  • Due to the "double d edge" i cant get contact with the board to do, say, a chiffionade or pushcut something
  • the general geometry reflects more the french style than the japanese style i have grown to love

oh yeah... and i hate pushy salesmen

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