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Username Post: Netting From Parachute Cord        (Topic#849606)
Journeyman KnifeNut!
04-12-09 12:21.39 - Post#1814944    

Paracord has many uses. It is great to use in tying ponchos and tarps for shelters, lashing gear, making splints and tourniquets, making traps, even for climbing if needs be. Another great use for paracord is in making netting. This is done by separating the inner strands from the outer shell, using the outer shell for the top line, and the inner strands for the mesh.

The first thing you’ll want to do is pull the inner strands out and lay them out in such a way as they do not get tangled.

The take the outer shell and tie it between two small trees at about shoulder height. Then folding the strands in half and using a knot much like a cow hitch or girth hitch, but with a double wrap, you attach the strands to the top cord or main line an inch or so apart. How big you make your mesh is of course dependant upon what you intend to use it for I took pics of the stages of the knot.

When you get your strands attached to the top cord they should look like this.

Next, working from left to right, you grab the right side string in the first pair of strings and the left side string of the send pair of strings and tie a knot the way you would just tie a knot in a single piece of string.

The take the right side string from the second pair and tie it to the left side string of the third pair the same way and just repeat this process all the way across the series of strings until it looks like the picture below.

and then start the next row the same way and it should look something like this.

Then just keep repeating the same process over again working your way down and you will end up with something like this.

The netting can serve more than just one purpose. Of course it can be used to catch fish, the size of which will determine the size you need to make your mesh. It can be used to make an improvised “bag” or “pack” to carry things in. It can also be used with a frame made of limbs to fashion a box trap to catch birds or other game but you’ll need to be close by or rig up some sort of alert or they will chew their way out before you get to it. In this case the smaller the mesh the better.

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Journeyman KnifeNut!
07-24-12 17:35.53 - Post#2485748    

    In response to outrider

Awesome post! I'm going to snag this to include with my how to use paracord teaching materials.

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