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    Username Post: what forge for knives & tomas?        (Topic#835653)
    10-31-08 18:22.23 - Post#1674998    

    hi there......
    nice forum ya'll have here.....i'm happy to be a new member to the world of blacksmithing and this forum and would like some input on purchasing a great forge for knives and tomahawks.........
    will one forge do everything i need like tempering and forging and welding?
    i like quality products that last and function well........what do you think?

    Ed Caffrey
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    11-03-08 08:13.41 - Post#1676914    

        In response to infodel

    I honestly don't know of a good forge that is commercially available for Bladesmithing. Forging blades presents some unique needs. If you doing only straight steels, you can get by with one of the square/rectangle design forges, but they are terrible for making damascus.

    Ideally, you want a forge with a round interior (like a tube), with a burner/burners that enter at a tangent to create a swirling flame pattern. Any forge that has the burners pointing directly where your workpiece will be should be avoided. If burners are pointed directly at your work it can cause all kinds of issues...especially when dealing with high carbon or alloy steels that are used for blades.
    I always encourage folks to build their own forge. Plans are easy to come by, and building your own forge will give you valuable insight into how a forge works, which will only make you a better Bladesmith.
    Ed Caffrey, ABS Mastersmith
    "The Montana Bladesmith"
    "Nobody cares what you know...Until they know you care."

    11-03-08 15:06.02 - Post#1677235    

        In response to Ed Caffrey

    thanks ed for the reply.....i guess i need to research more and build my own forge....your advice about the flame not pointing at the project is great.i did not know that....
    i suppose a commercial forge to get the job done right would cost a small fortune so building my own is a great option.......thanks again
    Ed Caffrey
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    11-03-08 16:33.56 - Post#1677297    

        In response to infodel

    If a person has the capability, you can build a much better Bladesmithing forge than you can buy, for way less $$. You can easily spend $1,000+ for a commercially available one, but very likely keep that figure under $300 if you build it yourself (even if you purchase all the parts new)

    Ed Caffrey, ABS Mastersmith
    "The Montana Bladesmith"
    "Nobody cares what you know...Until they know you care."

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