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    Username Post: Carter - Kawasaki knives        (Topic#819456)
    04-10-08 08:36.30 - Post#1494957    

    I am attaching a couple of knives that were started by Akihisa Kawasaki and finished by Fred Carter after his very close friend Akihisa Kawasaki died. Let me know what you think of them. They are not for sale right now but may be at some point in the future. The folder is very different and the fixed blade is ground on one side and I believe that is called a Kiradashi grind. Please correct me if I am wrong Fred. If anyone knows what the Japanese characters mean please let us know.
    Elvan Allred


    Elvan Allred


    Master Member KnifeNut!
    Re: Carter - Kawasaki knives
    04-14-08 06:06.39 - Post#1498203    

        In response to EAllred

    The fixed blade is an instant classic IMO.

    The folder is throwing me for a loop. When closed the spine will be...where?

    Re: Carter - Kawasaki knives
    04-14-08 10:13.10 - Post#1498451    

        In response to SugarSkull

    Well I haven't seen the folder nor have I seen a picture with it open. I will see if Fred will send me one. It is quite different.
    Elvan Allred

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    02-23-09 00:14.11 - Post#1771779    

        In response to EAllred

    Fred Carter posted some more information about this knife on

    We also had the following conversation over email:

    • Fred Said:

    Kawasaki/Carter knife is what is known as a friction folder, that is it does not have a lock as such, the blade has an amount of friction which keeps it from freely swinging open or closed, when open the extended tang is covered by the hand when gripping the handle. When closed the tang extends forward and protruded in front of the handle - I am not sure of the origin of the "friction folder" but have seen a few of them made by today's makers.

    The design is a slightly modified design by Mr.Kawasaki, several years ago he sent me the blade and handle (which had several mechanical and design problems) I later used the design as a basis for the handle while using his original blade. Most if not all of his knives had the same textured finish and were hollow ground only one side which is a traditional way of grinding Japanese cutlery. The steel was a special mix that he called STH24 a molybdenum-vanadium-chrom e steel and was only available to him. I have a small quantity of this steel and it is not an easy steel to saw or use but makes a great blade. The handle overlay is desert ironwood and the frame is 6AL4V titanium, the engraved pivot screw heads are 416ss.

    For now the knife is not for sale and no asking price has been set if it should be. I am working on variations of the design that will eventually be for sale when finished.

    • User24 Said:
    Ahh so it's a friction folder? I've seen those before, but never with such a pronounced tang.

    • Fred Said:

    Howard, I agree on the huge tang but that is the way he made it and also it has his name down the tang and I did not want to spoil that aspect. I am pretty sure that the kanji spells his name as it appears on other knives of his - one interesting thing that we noticed is what appears to be two fighting figures below his name, it too appears on many of his knives.

    PS: Elvan - I'm going to post a pic of your sculpted knife next I'll let you know when it's up

    A nice collection of Knife Wallpapers

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