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Username Post: forcing patina with vinegar        (Topic#818820)
Master Member KnifeNut!
04-02-08 22:31.51 - Post#1488738    

i'm still working on my single bevel leaning project! i've worked for a while on the bevel of my usuba.
it apreared to be way more problematic than what i thought with a very irregular ground(think it is normal at 50 €>75 usd ). now i've almost flatened the bevel and i would like to take a break and try it a little.
the problem is that this knive is very reactive i fact the iron part makes a lot of rust (last time i used it with a freshly grond bevel i diced an onion and the dices where all brown !)
so what's the exact method to force a patina with vinegar ?
do i forget it in vinegar until it gets dark?
do i dip it then wipe it ?
dip and let it dry ?
is it fast ?
i don't mind if the patina isn't even it's not going to be shown it will stayat home
nordsud, groupe Bocuse, Lyon


Master Member KnifeNut!
Re: forcing patina with vinegar
04-03-08 00:37.33 - Post#1488770    

    In response to pwet

ok i tried ...
i diped it wiped it and let it dry !
it rusted but as i wanted to try iton an onion al the "patina" went on the onion !
i'm disapointed...
any other advice?
nordsud, groupe Bocuse, Lyon

Master Member KnifeNut!
Re: forcing patina with vinegar
04-03-08 00:47.00 - Post#1488777    

    In response to pwet

Read through the thread about refinishing damascus, I think a lot of the same technique would apply.

I think a few here have tried something similar to force the patina on a carbon blade.
- Sean

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Master Member KnifeNut!
Re: forcing patina with vinegar
04-03-08 01:39.33 - Post#1488806    

    In response to Potato42

First off the blades need to be pristine and oil free. I use French s mustard to age my kitchen blades. I apply the mustard using one finger(not that one) and dab it on in a random application and let it sit for an hour for a deeper aging and wash it off and decide if more patination is needed.
will work for peanuts

Master Member KnifeNut!
Re: forcing patina with vinegar
04-03-08 03:44.14 - Post#1488911    

    In response to smokinbasser

ok thanks all !
as i have left it in vinegar for perhaps one minute withut seeing nothing i was sure that the patina formed when the vinegar evaporates !
and it seems to be only rust at this moment
nordsud, groupe Bocuse, Lyon

Master Member KnifeNut!
Re: forcing patina with vinegar
04-03-08 03:58.26 - Post#1488924    

    In response to pwet

If you want to have an even patina over the whole blade you´d have to dip in the solution completely with not too strong a solution and a clean blade.
I did it with vinegar once and with citric acid.
It really depends on the acid content of the solution and how dark you want it.
I used a vinegar concentrate with water and left it in for 2-3h. You can of course take it out, have a look and "throw" it in the mix again.
When finished, get off the acid with water.
In the picture you see its colour and the extra patina towards the edge developed by use.


Master Member KnifeNut!
04-03-08 04:56.47 - Post#1488961    

    In response to jensd

Forcing a patina is so tricky as to be problematic. Personally I don't do the "Bath" forcing, the way I do it is by cutting onions and apples, potato can also start one. Whatever is cheap at the store, buy a few pounds. If onoins, make an onion soup. Slice all the onions with full heel to toe strokes. Apples the same way and make a patch of apple sauce

Rince the blade now and again to prevent juice splatter from making dark spots randomly (if that bothers you), I never worried about it. That is basically how I treat all my carbon knives that will touch acidic foods. So far so good

Onion soup...... now I'm hungry.....
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Master Member KnifeNut!
Re: forcing patina with vinegar
04-04-08 05:00.05 - Post#1489849    

    In response to pwet

Ya, One minute won't do much. Make sure the knife is super clean to get a nice even patina otherwise it will be splochy. You'll need a few hours.

If you do a search look for some of Dave's posts (DRSharpening) on forcing patina. (I do think we should put a sticky up on this subject.)

Master Member KnifeNut!
Re: forcing patina with vinega
04-05-08 13:26.38 - Post#1491106    

    In response to aaqjr

ok i finally did it ... and it workedvery well !
nice couple of advices, thank you all !
the patina is now established everywhere and was very even but its still not really stable i think its because of the iron
i cut a few onions with it and it has removed a small amount of patina without leaving the usual rust on the onions so no more problems!
here is a picture !

i've given it a touch on my 3k naniwa (my highergrit for the moment)

looks really nicer now !
nordsud, groupe Bocuse, Lyon

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Master Member KnifeNut!
04-05-08 14:25.02 - Post#1491137    

    In response to pwet

looking good pwet.....ryan
Ryan The Robotic Pig

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