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Username Post: Olsen Knives, Howard City, MI??        (Topic#811252)
valhalla ss
Journeyman KnifeNut!
01-02-08 10:22.53 - Post#1409197    

Can anyone direct me towards a source of learning the history of the Olsen Knife factory that was in Howard City, MI?? I have Yahooed and Googled my brains out for weeks, and can't come up with much at all.
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Re: Olsen Knives, Howard City, MI??
01-02-08 12:49.56 - Post#1409385    

    In response to valhalla ss

Welcome to KF.
Ask on Bernard Levine's Forum....down the index.
His book suggests the knives were made in Germany.
But he does refer to Olsen as a Manufacturer AND importer.

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01-02-08 13:57.58 - Post#1409478    

    In response to brianWE

Hi Valhalla,
I have some Olsen knives in my accumulation.
Fixed blades made in Howard City, Mi. and a couple folders made in Japan.
Really nice knives!
Lee Olsen owned the company and the factory, in H.C.Mi, burned down in 1978, I think.
Out of business after that.
He imported knives from Germany with the Olsen name. They might have been made by Anton Wingen, but I'm not sure about that. The folders were made in Germany and Japan. Some of the folders may have been made domestically. By who, I'm not sure. Maybe Cammilus or Queen. Just a guess.
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Re: Olsen Knives, Howard City, MI??
01-02-08 14:01.54 - Post#1409487    

    In response to brianWE

I am no Expert on Olsen but they did manufacture knives in their Michigan Plant--they also had knives made by other American companies--they contracted with Both the japanese and the German Companies too.

They have been closed since the late 1970s or early 1980s and the company Trademark is still for sale.

I forget who called me the last time but it seems that nobody wants to buy it.

I know I don't.

I'm sure Bernie Levine can shed more light if you ask on his Forum.

You might also ask Dave Shirley on the Northwoods Forum Below.

Dave is from Downstate Michigan and may know more about Olsen than I do.

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01-04-08 08:54.40 - Post#1411577    

    In response to MikeStewart

My dad used to have an Olsen filet knife. It was a great knife that really took and held an edge. We've tried for years to find a filet knife as good as that one but nothing seems to measure up.

Anyway, I remember him telling me, when I was a kid, about the Olsen advertising jingle. I'll probably never forget it.

"Fatty, Fatty, run for your life. Here comes skinny with an Olsen knife".

Least that's what he told me anyway. We moved away from Michigan when I was just a pup.
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