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Username Post: What angle to sharpen S30V blade with Lansky 20 or 25 deg        (Topic#808596)
11-28-07 14:02.46 - Post#1377353    

I have a Blade-tech Rijbak. The blade is a thick S30V spear point. My Lansky kit recommends 25 deg for a hunting knife. 20 deg for kitchen and high end steel and 17 deg for a razor. The blade is at 25 deg now but I want maximum cutting power.

If I go down to 20 deg will it weaken the blade?
Does anyone sharpen at 17 deg?
What do you recommend?
Master Member KnifeNut!
11-28-07 14:50.23 - Post#1377392    

    In response to solvetek

I find that I sharpen most of my knives at about $40 deg, or 20 on each side. This is what is recommended on the video for the spyderco sharpmaker. You can also sharpen at 15 deg on each side with the sharpmaker for an extremely sharp edge, but the knife will not hold its edge as long. While I do like a scary sharp edge, I dont find it necessary for most knife tasks. I find 20 deg on each side to be a great comprimise for sharpness and edgeholding.
Master Member KnifeNut!
11-28-07 14:57.55 - Post#1377398    

    In response to BaxAxe

Also, it would mostly depend on the type of work you will be doing with the knife. A 20 deg angle would be a little weaker than a 25 deg angle, but probably not as sharp. 25 deg might be better for hard use on the edge. Ranger Knives is an example great fixed blades that are very well respected. They all have convex edges. Most Rangers are at about a 25 deg angle, and while they are not razor sharp, they are great users that will hold up amazingly.

I hope this clarifies things a little better for you.
Master Member KnifeNut!
What angle to sharpen S30V blade with Lansky 20 or 25 deg
11-28-07 15:05.43 - Post#1377408    

    In response to BaxAxe

I agree with BaxAxe. if ur doing mostly light cutting Just for everyday Urban living i would go as low as u "want" (i go as low as 15/15)

but if ur doing alot of heavy cutting stay in the higher angles.

Now 20/20 compared to 25/25 or higher might just really mean u may need to hone ur edge more often. if u prefer a finer/sharper edge and dont mind maintaing ur edge more often then go lower. if u really dont like working on ur edge and prefer to sharpen it once and a long white stay high.
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Re: What angle to sharpen S30V blade with Lansky 20 or 25 deg
11-28-07 17:37.31 - Post#1377591    

    In response to DracoRapier

I have found that high quality steel blades like S30V, A-2, D-2 etc. do quite well at 15 degrees per side. (30 degrees inclusive)

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