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    Username Post: Kydex Vs. Concealex        (Topic#793417)
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-16-07 16:49.15 - Post#1207375    

    Are there any significant differences between the two?
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    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-17-07 05:34.10 - Post#1207721    

        In response to TheRaven

    Kydex is harder like plastic. and more durable but can scratch the blade easier. Concealex is like stiff rubber and more flexible but cuts easier and is about as durable as thick leather. This is of course only my opinion and others my disagree.
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    Kydex Vs. Concealex
    04-17-07 07:38.30 - Post#1207782    

        In response to outlaw

    The difference is essentially like the difference between a Johnson and Johnson Bandaid and a Curad First Aid Strip.

    Kydex is a Brand Name for the product made by Kleerdex Company.

    For the end user there is virtually no difference between the two products although as a manufacturer I find Consealex to be a bit more temperature sensitive when forming.

    Kydex is available in many solid colors, unfortunately only a few in the thicknesses we need for sheaths.

    When you see material with a pattern such as the camouflage or Carbon Fiber it's Consealex. The problem with this is that the pattern is a thin film applied to the material so it will wear away with use.

    Neither product can scratch knives since they are significantly softer than steel. What happens is the something hard (like grit)gets into the sheath and embedded into the material.

    I regularly cut both materials with a knife, One night just for the heck of I figured out approximately it how long I cut before needing to sharpen. I came up with a cut of about 1/4 Mile. I doubt that something that will scratch a knife would allow the edge to remain for that long a cut.
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    Re: Kydex Vs. Concealex
    04-17-07 08:23.40 - Post#1207806    

        In response to Sharpshooter

    Beautifully summed up by Reid.

    Just a heads up, be careful buying "kydex" holsters. Some are better quality than others. For example, look at blade-tech. The true kydex holsters are much more substantial than the injection molded stuff. I like some of the injection molded gear like mag pouches but prefer the holsters to be as durable as possible.


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    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-17-07 09:18.35 - Post#1207851    

        In response to Estela

    Thanks for the responses.

    Reid, thank you for your--summed up--and thorough answer.
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    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    04-21-07 23:45.06 - Post#1210745    

        In response to TheRaven

    The main difference is that Concealex has a tad more acrylic in it and a slightly higher rockwell. Most people can't tell the difference unless it's one of the patterns like Carbon Fiber. Concealex is also a litle more tricky to work with, but IMHO, makes a much better sheath. Gives a better lock with less material.

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