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Username Post: Review: Eriksson Mora Hatchet        (Topic#790442)
Master Member KnifeNut!
03-07-07 16:40.44 - Post#1174918    

OK, I've had the Eriksson Mora Hatchet for nearly a year now. I guess it's about time for a proper write up.

The weight is a comfortable 18 ounces, with a cutting edge length of about 3 1/2". It came with a very nice blade guard, that I've come to like quite a bit.

Originally from the factory, the hatchet was scandi groung very thick, with a secondary bevel that was quite blunt. It handled well but really didn't throw the chips I've come to expect from my Mora's. I broke out the file and went to work removing the secondary bevel and thinning the grind. After an hour or so at work with the file, and a bit of time on a cheap hardware store whetstone, the hatchet was chopping like I wanted.

The head is a flat stock of steel, about 1/4" thick, molded into the handle. I know some of you guys will scoff at a chopper with a flat stock head, but I'd propose it's no different that a flat stock machete, and I value my Ontario and it chops jsut fine. But that's for another day. Back to the handle, I've always been a fan of wooden handles and metal wedges, so you can understand my doubts on this handle. I can attest, it's seen some hard wood, and rough use, and is still solid.

I've carried the hatchet on quite a few day trips to the woods, both up here in the Rockies, and in the swamps of Louisiana, and it has come with me on several overnight trips. I've cut oaks, pines, mesquie, briars, brambles, and myself once or twice. It's done a fantastic job overall.

One thing that really sets it apart is the shape of the handle. At first, it's just downright weird. However, it's actually very ergonomic to use. Suprisingly so. When you hold it jsut above the curved end, it aligns your arm and makes for a more comfortable chopping session. I drove nails with a 28oz. framing hammer all through college, so I'm pretty used to swinging a straight handle. This handle took a little getting used to for me, but is really working out nicely.

Another great point for this hatchet is the weight. At 18oz's, it's pretty light. The polymer handle puts the weight toward the head, and the 3 1/2" edge takes all advantage of it. It's light enough to drop in a possibles pack for a hunt, or a day hike through the woods, without it being a burden. I've tucked it in my belt, dropped it in a backpack, and carried it in hand through some rough terrain without it getting in the way, but being there when I need it.

I've come to really like this little hatchet. For a small, lightweight chopper, it outpreforms it's stats. With a little work on the edge, and an adjustment to your grip angle, you'll have a worker that won't work you.



DaLuke BckyrdKnfMchncsClb

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Master Member KnifeNut!
Re: view: Eriksson Mora Hatchet
03-07-07 17:54.40 - Post#1174949    

    In response to Luke_C

Great write up Luke. I've had my eye on this hatchet for a while now.

Master Member KnifeNut!
Re: view: Eriksson Mora Hatchet
03-07-07 18:12.02 - Post#1174956    

    In response to PWork

Very good write up Luke.

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Journeyman KnifeNut!
Re: view: Eriksson Mora Hatchet
03-08-07 16:14.35 - Post#1175737    

    In response to Leemann

How's a Louisiana boy handling all that snow ? I grew up near Franklinton, LA, I have been in the snow and cold several times, during trips up North, but I was always glad to get back down here.
The Puukko Prophet
Re: view: Eriksson Mora Hatchet
03-09-07 00:38.53 - Post#1175901    

    In response to sskinner

Nice write up Luke I'd be curious to handle that now that the edge is tweaked on it.
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