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    Username Post: The Sullivan Sheath        (Topic#789596)
    Bob Witt
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    02-25-07 06:18.40 - Post#1165840    

    One quick note to give credit for an aspect of a Randall purchase that may well, at times, be overlooked - the sheath.

    A Randall to me not only represents the obvious aquisiton of a quality outdoor tool but what is of added importance to me, and very much an added attraction towards a Randall purchase, is the unquestionable quality and funcionality of the sheath.

    I see custom and production knives of obvious fine fit and finish - yet their sheaths resemble toys with stitching like that of a feed bag.

    To me, when I aquire one of Greg's sheaths, I add a lttle saddlesoap over the years and bee's wax or lip balm to the male portion of the snap - and I'm set for my next outting, period.

    Greg and Family, thanks for being part of the Randall "package."

    Bob Witt

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    Re: The Sullivan Sheath
    02-25-07 08:33.28 - Post#1165926    

        In response to Bob Witt

    Agreed, but not just for Randall's.

    Here is one for the BRKT SandStorm.

    And for a customized Fallkniven F1.



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    Sheldon Wickersham
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    Re: The Sullivan Sheath
    02-25-07 09:16.06 - Post#1165961    

        In response to 45govt

    Awesome pics Don, that black one is a badass sheath! Nice work on the F1 too!

    Bob, agreed, completely
    BRKCA MIKE #92.5
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    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    02-25-07 17:30.57 - Post#1166384    

        In response to Sheldon Wickersham

    Just like the knives they hold, the sheaths are a work of art.
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    03-02-07 16:41.20 - Post#1170430    

        In response to eyeforaneye

    The 1st Randall I ever owned I bought from a knife pal sight unseen. I had a few days to return it if I was not happy. I opened up the box and pulled out a #1 Fighter stag plain handle made in the late 80' or early 90s just my guess, but what really cought my eye was the Black Sullivans CROC mint sheath.That was a very pleasant surprise. I have bought a few since my 1st Randall but never was it housed so comfotably.
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    03-05-07 15:35.48 - Post#1172977    

        In response to littlecus

    Seems odd to me today I call Randall today for a change order on 2 knives I have due in 3 months,...One is a 11-4" he says while we are talking let me see what sheath you are getting I am thinking what is he talking about? He said if I make a note in the change order I will get the old A sheath with hone pocket in front but they are getting away from the hone pocket on this knife after this batch and are going to the B sheath as the standard sheath because they think it looks better. IMO I think the A sheath with the hone pocket on front looks best O well maybe my knife will be worth more being the last group to get the old sheath.

    Member KnifeNut!
    04-08-07 13:31.21 - Post#1201028    

        In response to SCBowhunter

    I agree 100% on the Model A sheath!

    Do you know if they are still going to offer the A, if you are willing to pay extra?

    I thought about upgrading my Model 16 Special Fighter to a Model C but could not stomach the extra $40.00.
    dirty water
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    04-08-07 15:29.48 - Post#1201133    

        In response to Knifefury

    Upgrading a model A sheath to a C sheath is a $10 charge. A replacement C sheath is a $40 charge.

    Member KnifeNut!
    04-08-07 18:19.41 - Post#1201207    

        In response to dirty water

    I'll have to verify that one.

    I have never tried ordering or getting a quote from Randall for an upgraded sheath (besides Black).

    Although I had heard you got dinged for the whole sheath. Seemed legit to me since, for example, my last order was a #5-6" with a Gold Micarta handle. I did not get any "credt" for trading in the Leather for the Micarta, having to pay the full $40.00 to upgrade.
    dirty water
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    04-08-07 22:29.55 - Post#1201280    

        In response to Knifefury

    A leather handle is the standard on a 5-6, any change to this would be considered an upgrade and qualify for a charge as such.

    But please do check with the shop on this. Mon-Thurs 7-5 and Fri 7-1. 407-855-8075


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