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    Username Post: Question about oil for sharpening        (Topic#788449)
    02-10-07 18:31.30 - Post#1154328    

    I was given a Franz-Swaty razor hone or something similar to it, that was once owned by my grandfather. In addition to this, I use a coarse sharpening stone given to me by my father, its material I am not familiar with. It is somewhat rough, almost like pumice.

    To supplement these stones for sharpening, I typically use Rem Oil. I've run out of Rem Oil though, and that brought me to wonder about some alternatives. The only things I have in my house that even resemble a good sharpening oil are cooking oils--corn, olive, canola-- and some WD-40. Would any of these work as good alternatives in a pinch? And what could I buy to replace Rem Oil; anything superior?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    Christopher N.


    Native Justice
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    02-10-07 18:52.21 - Post#1154348    

        In response to cbn620

    The best is mineral oil and costs about a buck at the grocery store. Others like WD40 but has a nasty odor if your using it in the house. Water is another nice lubricant if the stones never been oiled but needs reapplication frequently and isn't as easy to clean in my opinion.
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    Master Member KnifeNut!
    02-11-07 03:20.42 - Post#1154534    

        In response to Native Justice

    I've used mineral oil also... seems to work as good as the 'sharpening oils'. I've read that cooking oils will get rancid over time.

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    Chico Buller
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    02-11-07 06:30.27 - Post#1154689    

        In response to Native Justice

    • Native Justice Said:
    Water...isn't as easy to clean in my opinion.

    I thought the opposite. Now granted, most of the times when I used oil I did so as a small boy with my Dad. We did have to wipe the stones down with some form of rag or towel. Sometimes he had a sealed container to store the rag, sometimes we just threw out a paper towel.

    When I sharpen now, I carry several old wash clothes. Ben has sent me some very nice absorbent ones. I simply wash these out with my gym clothes every night.

    As for maintnence, I flatten my stones near a sink. I just flush the swarf down the drain when I do a final thorough soak. Obviously there is no smell.

    And frankly, I'm getting better edges.

    I am considering getting a large fine grain oil-stone to polish off the final burr on expensive chef knives. Many people here seem to like oil for some applications.

    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    02-11-07 08:15.22 - Post#1154764    

        In response to cbwx34

    Most "sharpening oils" are mineral oil or mineral oil with additives. I see no difference between food grade mineral oil and food safe sharpening oil.
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