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Username Post: Russian Knife Identification Help        (Topic#785103)
12-29-06 16:10.46 - Post#1118517    

Trying to identify and value a knife purchased in Russia in the 1930s. More pictures can be viewed at:

Thanks for any help,




Master Member KnifeNut!
01-03-07 08:17.34 - Post#1121694    

    In response to chuckles2

wow , now that is an interesitng knife indeed,
tell me is there any markings on the knife, a brand or a number, or anything else written or stamped on the knife,

ive never seen anyhtign like it, in russia pocket knives, and for that matter sophisticated multibladed pocket knives are very uncommon, in the tzarist times in vorsma they have german and german traned workers making european pocketknives, they were good quality, same as that from england, germany or the us,

anyway communisim came,, and the pocketknives made in vorsma whent and the newer soviet ones appeared,, and they were ,, well rubbish, and ,, well soem were as thin as 1mm and made from pot metal, worse than junk fomr china, kids used these to sharpen pencils and bore holes in desks,
ok, so,, thing is your knife looks like ti was made during the soviet era,
no in the soviet times only afew factories made pocketknives, and all in the smae area,, now, they knife dosnt look like somehting they woudl make, atleat not in serial,

so there is 3 guesses,
1, i was made in a state factory but s a one of a kind thing made as a gift for one of the local bosses or such,

2, it was made in another factory that dosnt make pocketknives as their traditional porduct, like a factory associated to the union of hunters or such, a state organisation that had shops around the soviet union selling hunting equiptment,
and it was made in very small amounts,,
as gifts ,, or was made as a single item as a order form one of the bosses.

3, it was made in a prison, , by a rather imaginative and skilled prison inmate

i think tht the first guess woudl be the best but i dont knwo,

anyway id say its not made in dagestan,
before 1990 the only knife production beofre that was illegal,, people making knives at home, and blacksmiths making knives
most were hunting knives , but ther eis a town in dagestan khabouk,, it is populated by the dargins national,
they are most of the shop owners and the blacksmiths, most ontrpenurial national that lives in dagestan,

anyway this town makes aloth of pocketknives by hand,, but nothing of this style atall,
mostly looking more like itlian or french pocketknifes,, with gunstock shaped handles,

nothing like this ,

this does have a a "kizlyar" look to it,, but ill say weve only been around for 15 years,
and before that there wa sno knife factories in the town,

so id say it was mde in the mroe russian areas of the soiet union,

looks like its got a hammer :O
bottle opener,
4 knives,
leather awl
cork screw..
screwdriver, in the frame,
and.. well i dont know , looks like a punchdown tool for electric wiring in phones ????

well this has stumped me,

what is the quality like , what steel ar ethe blades??

Master Member KnifeNut!
01-03-07 09:21.26 - Post#1121732    

    In response to ausjulius

I keep coming back to this one...
For some reason, I keep thinking "Bohemia"...or that region.
But, really, it has me buggered, too.
Has Bernard Levine seen it?
The biggest obstacle in the search for Truth is the belief that you have it, already

Master Member KnifeNut!
01-04-07 02:47.24 - Post#1122313    

    In response to brianWE

hi brian, it looks not cech to me,
but shurely russian, but i only say this buy the outlandish etching, as this we sitll do today, and the etching looks like that that is done in dagestan,
as zlatoust and vorma and such ushaly didnt do it is such an over the top style,
but then in soviet times decorations are a bit more unorthordox,
still it could just be fomr else where,
but i understand the owner says it was purchsed in rusian in the 30s...

Master Member KnifeNut!
01-04-07 09:26.20 - Post#1122506    

    In response to ausjulius

No worries....just a shot in the dark.
But it is an interesting piece.
The biggest obstacle in the search for Truth is the belief that you have it, already

Master Member KnifeNut!
01-05-07 17:59.36 - Post#1123609    

    In response to brianWE

yup true, it is a weird knife, and i have seen some interesting big czech folding knives fomr the 20s and 30s...


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