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    Username Post: makers and manufacturers        (Topic#764523)
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    01-25-08 11:20.35 - Post#1431706    

        In response to pierauspitz

    Not Scandinavian, but a good source for quality sheet metals from a jewelry maker's supply house. You'll need to phone in your order, but you can check their products online. Good service, and nice to deal with.


    Master Member KnifeNut!
    03-02-08 02:11.01 - Post#1462140    

        In response to RC1947

    This is a link to a knife maker in parish Bohuslän on the west coast of Sweden named Torsten Häller.

    I like his design and his work. He make users.

    Re: Unsigned Helle blade blanks
    05-19-08 03:53.13 - Post#1527485    

        In response to rjk

    Does anyone know of a site that sells unmarked Helle blades. Thought I saw some somewhere but did not bookmark the link. Thanks Mudboy53.
    Rich S
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    Re: Unsigned Helle blade blanks
    05-19-08 04:02.47 - Post#1527493    

        In response to mudboy53

    Many of the Helle blades on Ragnar's site are
    unmarked. Those that are marked, it can easily
    be removed with emory paper. I just finished a
    Jubileum blade (marked, high polish) which I
    converted to an unmarked satin finish with 400

    Richard Stein, PhD
    "Old Puukkophile"

    Nordic Knife Links
    Japanese Sword Guide

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    07-22-08 12:29.09 - Post#1583026    

        In response to Rich S


    Member KnifeNut!
    09-26-08 02:50.00 - Post#1644784    

        In response to rjk


    Here are a few very skilled danish makers of very high quality knives: Fantastic blades and knives (danish only) some very fine handmade knives and all kind of stuff for knifemakers.

    best regards
    Use your brain .. then your knife

    10-22-09 09:41.28 - Post#1963664    

        In response to neo

    another good one...
    Member KnifeNut!
    06-07-10 09:05.49 - Post#2144708    

        In response to bkpetty

    I didn't see this on the consolidated list:

    Veikko Hakkarainen

    11-27-10 09:31.57 - Post#2244271    

        In response to guns_and_labs

    Hello! is an online service where you can design knife. You can select a knife model and then the materials for the blade and the handle. Knives are made by finnish manufacturer Wood Jewel.

    First planned knife and then real product.

    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    07-02-12 09:35.01 - Post#2480937    

        In response to Pasuuna

    Hello everyone,
    Here is a manufacturer of Scandinavian-tipe custom knives.


    ADMIN EDIT: Portuguese tactical Knives don't seem to be related to Scandi type knives at all

    Edited by tstetz on 07-02-12 12:33.37. Reason for edit: Unrelated post

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