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Username Post: repair to switchblade knives        (Topic#760575)
02-06-06 06:45.42 - Post#855866    

how do you repair a spring on an Italian switchblade ?

Master Member KnifeNut!
02-06-06 10:47.18 - Post#856025    

    In response to ipcress_paladin

Most Italian switchblades are basically "throwaways." Don’t be offended, I was stationed in Naples, Italy, for 3 years and saw a lot of switchblades there and I even had the occasion to visit one of the factories.

I have never seen an Italian switchblade that was well made. Now, they do look nice and there is craftsmanship in each knife and they take great pride in their product, but let’s be honest, they sell for just a few bucks in Italy and that doesn’t buy much, even over there…

They command a much higher price here because they are illegal in most states and cities. It’s the black market that drives up the price.


It would have to be an act of love to repair one and if you are going to pay for the repairs, it will cost you, possibly as much as buying a new one…

As for your original question, you probably need to provide more information. Is the spring part of the spline of the handle, is the spring a separate rod that fits into a recess of the bolster, or is it by chance a coil that pivots around the blade axel???

Good Luck,

For a knife to be truly “handmade," the knife must be held to the tool or the tool must be held to the knife during its making… if it’s a “hands-off" operation, it ain’t handmade…

Master Member KnifeNut!
02-10-06 08:42.23 - Post#859242    

    In response to BruceJensky


I as many others too, have to disagree with you about the quality of Italian made switchblades/automatic knives. The Italian picklock's quality ranges from cheap throwaway to some of the finest fit and finish you could ever get. I have one stag handled lockback auto made by the Automatic Knife Company of Italy (appears to be made by the same makers as Delta-Z) that is a very high quality knife.

Tim Hecht


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