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Username Post: Finishing handles & bolsters        (Topic#583287)
Journeyman KnifeNut!
02-10-05 01:16.25 - Post#583287    

Have the handle on my Delta 5 drop point sanded to 600. I am going back and sanding out some scratches that I can still see in certain areas.

1) When do you attach the bolsters? Before or after rough shaping?

2) When do you attach the scales? Before or after rough shaping of the bolsters?

3) After the scales & bolsters are attached, what do you use to final shape the bolsters and handle?

I ran into a few situations where I was using my 1" belt sander with a 20 micron finishing belt. Holding the knife perpendicular to the belt to sand out the previous grit scratches on the bolster. It left a slight ridge in the walnut scale, that can still be sanded out, but how do you avoid this?

And, boy, do those corby rivets get hot when grinding down the heads. I have blisters on most of my finger tips. I have read the tutorials and instructions, but they are pretty topical. I'm looking for how some of you seasoned veterans are actually doing it.

Master Member KnifeNut!
02-10-05 12:55.29 - Post#583862    

    In response to rugerno1

Maybe this will help ? Maybe you have seen it ?


Good Luck

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Journeyman KnifeNut!
02-11-05 01:03.51 - Post#584241    

    In response to txcwboy

Yes, I actually printed that out as I was shaping the knife. The problem that I ran into was that the Delta 5 has double bolsters, and a guard. I removed the top guard but left the bottom. I finished the front behind the blade, but I couldn't very well finish the front of the guard because the 3 pieces of metal needed to be final shaped. Now there is a dividing line between the front of bolster behind the blade and the front of the guard. With double bolsters, I'm thinking that I have to install them with the scale material, relatively raw, and shape it all at the same time. I ended up thinning the handle to ensure that the walnut scales matched seemlessly to the front & rear bolster. With my 1" x 42" belt grinder and finishing film (220-1000), I could only hold the knife perpendicular to the belt. This left a few nicks in the walnut handle. I guess from the tutorial, I should tape the scales? and only work the bolsters?

I'm very pleased with the knife. I polished last nite, but am going to have to go back and sand out some scratches that are still present. I would have liked the front guard shaped a little different, but it looks pretty nice. I'm going to try to download some pics today if anyone is interested.

On another note, I got the cocobola scales with the Delta 5, but one side was too short. I think it was more a problem with the front bolster than the scale though. My next knife is going to be a front bolster only, or no bolsters at all.

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