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Username Post: Opinions? MAC vs. Misono        (Topic#551927)
01-03-05 12:39.56 - Post#551927    

I'm looking for a 9-10" gyutou, and the two that I like most right now are the Misono Ux 10 240mm and The MAC ultimate series chef.

Now I've heard wonderful things about the Misono and my boss uses a MIsono santouku, so I know that I like the feel of that knife, but I want to know more about the MAC ultimate series. It seems to be a red-headed step child in the knife world. Thomas Keller endorses the Pro line, and I wonder why not the ultimate.

Any help is always welcomed.


Master Member KnifeNut!
01-04-05 03:12.30 - Post#552345    

    In response to jonathanjanis

Most posters here will go with the Misono.
I don't own one and have never used one so I can't comment on that.
I do own a MAC pro range 8" chef knife (HRC 60) though and absolutely love it. I recommend it. Not necessarily over the Misono as I have no way to give a proper comparsion between the two.
I think the MAC ultimate is a heavier knife w/ a 3/4 bolster and slightly higher HRC.

Many "celebrity" chefs use both knives and recommend them, so I wouldn't let names decide for you. That just seems to be more about marketing. Just my opinion.

01-04-05 08:28.32 - Post#552609    

    In response to jonathanjanis

Hi Jonathan,

I'd been interested in Mac for a while, but the budget always got side-tracked:). Last time I was at Broadway Panhandler I bought a high-end Masamoto, not realizing in my metric illiteracy, that it wasn't a 9.5" but an 8.5". Okay, I figured. Why not try that length? I also have a Masahiro 9.5" carbon which I like very much, and a round-handled Suisin 9.5", which is my most expensive knife.

Anyway, I started a new job, one that mandates cutting lots of melon fruits, vegetables, etc, and which makes a knife longer than 8.5" desirable. I couldn't bring the Masahiro because other cooks might borrow it and neglect to dry it; the Suisin is just too expensive--and I fret that the handle wouldn't take the abuse metted out. I considered a Misono UX10, but that's two bills plus, almost as much as the Suisin, plus most NYC stores are sold out at the moment, and I needed it now. So I thought, what a good time to try the Mac, especially as they make a 10.5".

I paid 100 plus change (they were on sale at JB Prince). As I handled it out of the box I was underwhelmed with how dull the edge felt--most Japanese knives I've encountered come razor-sharp out of the box--and how I could feel the tang jutting out slightly from either side of the handle; it wasn't as well finished as Masamotos, Misonos, etc. But it sharpened up easily on my waterstone, and now has a terrific edge. It easily rivals both the Masahiro and the Suisin. I'm very pleased. At work I use the 8.5 Masamoto and the Mac. Those are all I have out. But the Mac seems to take and hold a better edge than the Masamoto, and the Masamoto is much higher end, it ran me 150.00 for almost one third less knife.

Of course I'd like to try the UX 10 as well, but now I wonder if I ever shall ... I can't believe it could possibly be that much better than any of my other knives, and for the money, it's just not worth it.

Just my two cents.

Incidentally, I worked the past four days, didn't have time to do more than steel, probably used the Mac 75% of the time, but I finished sharpening, and it was the Masamoto that needed work. The Mac would have been okay if I'd just steeled it (of course, it's just a couple of weeks old, while the Masamoto's several months old).

Hope this helps.

Good luck with whichever you go with.

Master Member KnifeNut!
01-05-05 06:47.47 - Post#553519    

    In response to AndyK

I've never used the Mac line but I would like to try one. I own the Misono UX10 But I won't comment on that because there must be at least a 100 or more comments on this site alone about this knife.

What's interesting to me is that both Mac and Masahiro are two of the biggest makers of Japanese knives. But their two of the least talked about knives on this forum. I wonder why that is.

I've read some things about the Mac's but very little and I can't recall ever hearing anything about the Masahiros. I'm sure someone has and I just missed it.

But on the whole not much on either.
Getting a handle on things.


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