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    Username Post: help me identify a 1917 knife. US army?        (Topic#276937)
    07-06-03 20:40.19 - Post#276937    

    Not much I can tell you. It says on handle US. Other side reads L.F.And C. !917. Looks like a mess kit knife or perhaps a weapon issue type. All steel. Just over 7 inches long. Anyone know who LFand C was? Or anything about this knife? Thanks if you can help

    Esav Benyamin
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    07-07-03 05:00.09 - Post#277037    

        In response to tounsley

    Welcome to Knifeforums, Don.

    The best place for identification questions is The Bernard Levine Custom Knives and Collector's Forum. Even better, if you may be interested in your own source for this sort of information, is Bernard Levine's Guide to Knives and Their Values -- but get the 4th Edition. The "5th Edition" was even disavowed by Mr. Levine.

    Since I have a 4th Edition, I looked your knife up in it and found it, too! on page 452, U.S. Military Mess Cutlery:

    "After the United States entered World War I, in April 1917, mess kit cutlery was again supplied by contractors. Aluminum handled knives were made in 1917 by L.F.& C. etc."

    As yours is all steel, it looks like a later run, but at least the company is attested to, even if I couldn't find a breakout for the initials.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    07-07-03 05:09.50 - Post#277040    

        In response to tounsley

    Hello Don,
    (edit: I see that Brian has already tipped you to BRL's 4th )
    I gleaned the following information in Bernard Levine's Levine's Guide To Knives And Their Values 4th Edition. Here is a link to his website where, among other things, you can order an autographed copy of this indespensable work.

    Levine's Knife Related Links

    After the U.S. entered World War I in April 1917, L. F. & C (Linder, Frary & Clark) as well as A.C.Co. (American Cutlery Company) began making aluminum handled mess knives.

    L.F. & C was the largest cutlery company in the world at the turn of the century (c.1900).

    The photo below shows the L.F. & C. 1917 mess knife. It and the A.C.Co. version are very similar to the 1913 R.I.A. (Rock Island Arsenal) aluminum handled mess knife which was a shorter bladed version of the 1903 R.I.A. mess knife.

    Approximate value in recent years is given to be $4.00.

    Hope this helps.

    07-07-03 08:50.30 - Post#277097    

        In response to BC0311

    Good stuff....only, I think it is *Landers*, Frary and Clark.
    They say the universe has been here for something like 13 billion years.
    And what do I get?
    A lousy three score and ten!
    I guess I must be using someone elses' leftovers, now.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    07-07-03 09:16.03 - Post#277107    

        In response to brianWE

    Brian, thanks for catching that. You are exactly right it is "Landers". Must have been a brain noxious vapor lock.

    07-09-03 04:42.10 - Post#277938    

        In response to BC0311

    ok thanks guys
    Thanks, Don


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