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Username Post: Questions for returned Armed Forces members        (Topic#273069)
Master Member KnifeNut!
10-12-04 12:07.37 - Post#488476    

    In response to Hobie

I posted this today at the Camillus board over at BFC, and then remembered about this thread here. I thought some of you may find this interesting.

I thought you folks would be interested in reading this. It's taken from an email I just received, sent to me by an Army helicopter pilot who has returned from Iraq.

When we started sending troops over there, I wanted my kids to have a better understanding of what was happening, as well as the risks being taken by our military forces and the sacrifices they were making. Besides regularly praying for this pilot, we also sent a couple of packages his way. In the first one, I sent three pocket sharpeners, the diamond rod variety that look like a pen. I figured those could be carried easily in a flight vest, and would help kill some time sharpening a knife or two in the down time. In the second, I sent a Camillus CQB3, which I thought would be a perfect size to carry on his flight vest (with a blade length around 4").


Here are his comments regarding that knife and the diamond rod sharpeners.


So ... to cut to the chase, the Camillus DID indeed arrive safely and intact. Admittedly, I wasn't immediately familiar with this model, but the quality and design impressed me straightaway (as did the personal significance of it), so I wasted no time in shucking the issue blade out of my pilot's survival vest, and replacing it with the Cuda. As it turned out, this was ultimately the only blade I carried while flying missions for the balance of my 15 months in-country. Your Camillus ended up logging well over 100 hours of combat flight time by any account. I still carry it, though often I use it as a belt knife in lieu of leaving it in my vest. Fact is, we've flown very little since coming home, so I'm not using my flight gear too often at the moment. Suits me fine, too. I'm glad to have a break.


I suppose what makes all of this knife business more relevant is that simple confession that, while I definitely appreciate quality and know a good blade when I see one, I'm not terribly familiar with the market in general; as such, I had no idea what I even was given until just the other day. I finally did a bit of research, as was able to figure out that you had sent a CQB3 .... I really had no idea at the time, but I was -- and am -- extremely grateful for this well-timed and perfectly selected gift. As you suspected, the form factor and design made it ideal for my needs; especially since overtly large blades were prohibited by higher headquarters (so much for the big Randalls and bowies and such). As it turned out, you simply couldn't have chosen any better. No gushing or flattery here: merely a highly appreciative statement of fact.


Lest I forget, the hones also became essential pieces of kit once I took the time to learn how to use one properly. (Fortunately I had plenty of time to figure it out.) I kept one for myself, and doled the others out to the "meat eaters" in the unit who were obviously into edged-tools and therefore most likely to get some real use out of new hones. These were gratefully received, as you might well imagine.

I have to tell you guys, I don't know if I've ever been more pleased about sending someone a knife. FWIW, Christmas shopping for those members of our Armed Forces needs to start [I]now[/I] if you want your gift to get to those folks on time. I hope all of you reading this will have a chance to experience the joy of giving as much as did, after I read this pilot's email.

God bless those folks going in harm's way to keep this world a safer place.
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Master Member KnifeNut!
10-12-04 14:45.23 - Post#488613    

    In response to geegee

Thanks for the post.It is excellent indeed.
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